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Lord I Wish I Was the Broke Bobby in My Friend Group

Wait until you hear about the "Welfare 10"


A TikTok user who goes by Tom Cruz had the phrase Broke Bobby trending on Twitter when one of his videos got shared on the platform. Twitter user Karim Alammuri shared Cruz’s video asking a simple question.

“What in the wealth is this?”

Cruz’s video starts out fine. Honestly, when vacationing with friends, it’s not a bad idea to figure out everyone’s schedule and what their budget is for vacation.


We see the dollar amounts for the friend group.


Shawn, the top-earning friend, is projected to make 5 MILLION dollars this year. He has no limit on his PTO and has a max spending limit of 80 THOUSAND DOLLARS.

So yeah.

This is gonna be one of those videos, the ones with dollar amounts being thrown around that I can’t even begin to imagine unless we’re talking about how many bells I have in Animal Crossing: New Horizons after playing the game for a solid year.

What caught everyone’s attention, though, was the friend at the bottom of the list. Known only as Broke Bobby, this poor lad is projected to only make $125,000 this year, with 9 days of PTO left and a max spending limit 0f 10 thousand dollars.


THAT’S your definition of BROKE?! In this economy?!

There are other… um… gems to the vacation spreadsheet, like the marital status column:

And something about being willing to travel to third world countries:

Then there’s the video about the Welfare 10, the ones who are, apparently, below Broke Bobby.

According to the video, these are the friends who make under $100,000 a year. Poor Jake is so close to being off this list with $92,500. Maybe 2022 will be kinder, I say as I play the smallest of violins.

The spreadsheet has some slight changes, according to Cruz, to accommodate for the fact that these ten make less than everyone else. Instead of a 7-day trip, for example, it’s a 3-day trip, and there’s a question about whether or not you’d be willing to eat at a non-chain restaurant because I guess a 2 for $20 meal at Applebees is looked down upon.

There’s also a question about being able to do first-class for hotels or flights compared to the rich list asking about splitting the cost of a private jet.


The fact that this is even a conversation people can have right now is astonishing to me. Imagine being labeled as the “broke” one when you’re projected to make over $100K in a time where we’re fighting to have places pay workers livable wages in the middle of a pandemic.


I need to sit down.

(Image: MOHAMMED HUWAIS/AFP via Getty Images)

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