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Broad City Reacts to the First Major Party Female Presidential Nominee as Women From 1776

"What the BUTTER is wrong with you people?"

Hillary Clinton became the first female presidential nominee for a major party this week when she accepted Democratic party’s nomination, a huge historical landmark that might’ve been hard to imagine a few years ago, let alone two centuries back. What would a woman at the Second Continental Congress say if she knew about this milestone?

Well, Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer  joined The Late Show with Stephen Colbert as Josephine Henley and Abitha Whitmoren to show us what that might look like. As two colonial women from 1776 Philadelphia who love butter and harpsichords, the Broad City stars absolutely nail the sketch.

Upon learning that there’s a female nominee, Henley and Whitmoren are so thrilled they’re ready to celebrate by making their husbands dinner and taking Mercury shots. “You hear that Franklin?” calls Whitmoren, “Women are on top, and not just your French whores!” Upon realization that it took 240 years they’re a bit less excited about how it took the United States a while to figure out the whole “All men are created equal” thing.

The two have spoken about their love for the presidential candidate before. Hillary Clinton made an appearance on Broad City earlier this year, where Jacobson and Glazer proceeded to “[freak] out super hard to her face.” It’s mother-butter crazy, y’all.

(via Huffington Post)

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