“Breathing” Minnie Mouse Doll Helps Kids Fall Asleep

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Little kids have a tendency to grow attached to their stuffed animals. Like a security blanket, their favorite soft, plushy toy may become an essential component in their everyday lives, and an absolute must when it’s time to go to bed. Japanese toymaker Takara Tomy is looking to turn that fact into something that will actually help parents get their kids to sleep. Hug and Dream Minnie Mouse, a plush doll that can soothe children to sleep with simulated breathing. If your kid is going to sleep with a toy anyways, why not give them one that will actually help them fall asleep?

Takara Tomy worked with cognitive and respiratory specialist Ikuo Honma to design a doll designed specifically to be the ideal sleepytime companion. Here’s how it works: When someone goes to bed holding the doll against their chest, they will feel the slowly-paced breathing pattern of the doll, which is designed to replicate someone sleeping peacefully. The doll doesn’t look quite like Minnie Mouse, mainly because the doll features muted colors designed not to stimulate the mind in a way that would keep someone awake.

Hug and Dream Minnie is coming out in Japan on November 1st, and costs just over 3,700 yen ($50 USD). Don’t worry, western parents, you can import one from Japan Trend Shop, but it’ll cost you a hefty $101. Then again, if this thing works as well as it should, it would be worth twice as much for overworked parents, or insomniac blog editors.

(Japan Trend Shop via Gizmodo)

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