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Forever Alone Pillow Knows When You’re Crying, Sings to Comfort You

Sometimes, you just need a shoulder to cry on. In a cruel twist of fate, if you’re the kind of person who needs a shoulder on which to cry on Valentine’s Day, you’re probably also the kind of person who doesn’t have a shoulder to cry on today, aside from your own, but that can cause serious neck strain. Should you be in such a horrible predicament, the Sleepy Weepy Pillow was created with you in mind. Brainchild of mikeasaurus, the Sleepy Weepy Pillow knows when you’re crying on it and will attempt to cheer you up with a song.

The Sleepy Weepy Pillow is a DIY affair, so try to hold off on the waterworks until you’re done soldering. The pillow works by hooking up an electronic greeting card — preferably with a tune that’s only moderately annoying — to a matrix of wire mesh fabric such that moisture will complete the circuit. Once you’re done with that, all you have to do is finish the pillow and get all teary eyed.

It’s a nice idea, but at this stage in the game, it might be a little late to build one if you haven’t already. In that case, I highly recommend turning off all the lights, huddling under a blanket and crying into a normal pillow, all the while being thankful that it cannot react to the salty lake of your tears and that the horrible, soul-numbing burden of drowning in shameful, lonely tears is yours alone to bear.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Check out the Instructable here.

(via Hack a Day)

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