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One Shall Stand, One Shall Take a Seat on This Papercraft Transformers Couch

When they're not ripping out each other's circuits or trading histrionic catchphrases back and forth, even the mightiest of Autobot and Decepticon warriors enjoys kicking back and letting all their troubles and PTSD melt away on the comfort of their living room couch. Sadly, never has this piece of home furnishing been made in the same scale as Transformers figures of our youth, forced to remain standing and never experience the simple pleasure of reclining back or laying their metallic heads on an armrest -- until now! Takara Tomy, the Japanese manufacturer of Transformers toys, has finally heard our incessant pleas for a practical, yet stylish, couch fit for Optimus Prime and is currently offering printable papercraft furniture on the their official website. So if you're handy with a pair of scissors and tape, this is something you owe it to yourself to check out.

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“Breathing” Minnie Mouse Doll Helps Kids Fall Asleep

Little kids have a tendency to grow attached to their stuffed animals. Like a security blanket, their favorite soft, plushy toy may become an essential component in their everyday lives, and an absolute must when it's time to go to bed. Japanese toymaker Takara Tomy is looking to turn that fact into something that will actually help parents get their kids to sleep. Hug and Dream Minnie Mouse, a plush doll that can soothe children to sleep with simulated breathing. If your kid is going to sleep with a toy anyways, why not give them one that will actually help them fall asleep?

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