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Boost Your Productivity With These 10 Deals on Mac Apps and Software

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Don’t wait until the new year to make a productivity resolution. We’ve got 10 great apps that will help you focus, get more done in less time, and do it all without stressing.

SideNotes for Mac: Take better notes and keep them organized with this app—it’ll show and hide notes with the touch of a single key, organize with colors and folders, and make it easy to add everything from pictures to code. Get it for $7.99.

Clean Email: Lifetime Subscription: Put inbox zero within reach—Clean Email is a bulk email cleaner that’ll help you identify useless emails and unsubscribe from and get rid of them in a few clicks, Get it for $29.99.

Dollar Flight Club Premium: 1-Yr Subscription: Stop wasting time hunting for travel deals—this subscription service will alert you of great deals from up to five departure regions, so you can save up to 90% off flights without doing the legwork yourself. Get it for $19.99.

ThunderDrive Cloud Storage: Lifetime Subscription: Manage up to 2TB of files with the cloud service that’s six times faster than Amazon storage. Manage files, create folders, and share private links from any device. Get it for $59.

Design Wizard Pro: Lifetime Subscription: Working on marketing materials? This deal will get you started with access to 1.2 million curated images, 120 free fonts, and 30,000 design templates. Get it for $39.

The Mega Mac App Bundle feat. 64BitApps: This packed bundle has it all—grab it for instant access to 21 apps, including image editors, hard drive cleaners, screenshot creators, music organizers, GIF creators, duplicate image cleaners, and more. Get it for $9.99.

Clicker Netflix Player For Mac: Even your Netflix time can be streamlined. Get Clicker Netflix Player for Mac to launch Netflix right from your Mac desktop dock, eliminate the Who’s Watching startup screen, autoskip show intros, and get picture-in-picture so you can watch shows while working in other windows. Get it for $3.99.

SumizeIt Book Summaries: Lifetime Membership: Got 5 minutes? Get key insights from important business books that you don’t necessarily have time to read from cover to cover. You’ll have access to their library of summaries of self development, psychology, investing, management, and marketing books, with new ones every week. Get it for $19.

Boom 3D™ Music Player: Get in the zone with whatever playlist keeps you focused—Boom 3D will play your music with 3D effects and surround sound, and give you access to over 20,000 local and international radio stations. Get it for Mac for $16.99. Grab it for Windows for $12.99.

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