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Boost Your Media Library for the Holidays

Boost Your Media Library for the Holidays

You’re shopping. You’re baking. You’re gluing a Santa beard to your face. You deserve a break. Ideally, one that involves pajamas, one of those giant barrels of popcorn, and all the movies and TV you can watch. You get the jammies and popcorn, and we’ll get you this: the Watch Anything, Anywhere Bundle. Pay what you want for it at the Mary Sue Shop.

Beat the average price and you’ll get the entire bundle — a one-year subscription to VPNSecure (which protects your private info and browsing while giving you access to content blocked around the world), SpiderOak 300GB cloud storage for a year (so you can save your favorite seasons of your favorite shows), TNT Stream Unblocker (to get Netflix and other streaming services wherever you go in the world), Streamza Torrenting (for 100GB of movie, tv, and music downloads each month), and MacX Video Converter Pro (to make any video file playable on your phone, tablet, Apple TV, and more). Yep, we’ve got all the bases covered. Just need the converter? You can get that when you pay below the average price.

Ready, set, binge. Pay what you want for the Watch Anything, Anywhere Bundle at the Mary Sue Shop.

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