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“You Say You Want to Get Better and You Don’t Know How” Bojack Horseman Season 5 Trailer

BoJack freakin’ Horseman is back and he is still having a hard time getting his shit together. Which, honestly, is all part of the amazing journey that is this show.

Last season, BoJack discovered that he has a younger sister, Hollyhock, and was slowly making moves to become a better friend, lover, parental figure and of course get a damn job. In the trailer, we see he is working on a new show, Philbert, but still struggling with trying to slow down his drinking on his own without the help of AA or therapy because BoJack is “too smart” and “doesn’t need” it. Sure, Bo.

One of the things about being a person with depression watching BoJack Horseman is that it is refreshing to see him be on this long flawed journey with mishaps and setbacks—because that’s the way it is when you have depression and anxiety, especially when you self-medicate.

Everything about BoJack, even if it’s not something I do to deal with my mental illness, comes from a place so real and so raw that I truly understand what is driving him to that kind of behavior. Watching the show is entertaining, but it is also a self-examination of myself and how far I’ve come from my own self-destructive habits. It is cathartic.

“You say you want to get better and you don’t know how,” in Diane’s voice is repeated throughout the trailer as a sign of what BoJack’s journey is most likely going to be like. For the first time, in a long time, BoJack has the potential for a fresh start with a family member who doesn’t see him as a total disappointment or screwup and while on paper that seems like a great motivation for change, BoJack has proven he doesn’t have the tools for that. Even if he does think he’s too smart for therapy.

When Hollyhock asks “Are you okay?” We know the answer is probably no. BoJack is never okay and the more he tries to do it all on his own the more it falls apart.

Beyond the Bojack story, we see Diane Nguyen’s new haircut, which I’m guessing is part of her process of moving on from her marriage with Mr. Peanutbutter. While the last season didn’t end with their divorces or an official separation, it does seem like that will most likely be apart of the newest season. As usual,  Mr. Peanutbutter is being Mr. Peanutbutter. Princess Caroline is seen mingling with a fox and also being a perfect mouthpiece for the entertainment industry right now: “It’s confusing, which means the show is daring and smart.”

Todd is also seeing with his potential love interest from season four and friend, Emily.

My hopes for BoJack is that he does, eventually, end up going to therapy and going to group with people who can give him the emotional support he needs. I don’t want Diane, Hollyhock, or my beloved Todd falling back into bad behavior by trying to fix BoJack. Either way, I will be binging it on September 14th when it returns on Netflix.


(image: Screengrab/Netflix)

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