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Bojack Horseman: Princess Carolyn’s Best Moments

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Part one of the final season of Bojack Horseman dropped on Netflix today! But before we jump into back into that world of animated animals that makes me cry very human feelings, I thought I would take a moment to reminisce over some of the greatest moments of the real protagonist of the show (yeah I said it!) Princess Carolyn!

1. Her motivational speech

Our Lady of High Functioning Depression is a master of pep talks! Usually targeted at her clients, (Bojack most of all), she doesn’t forget to point that megaphone at herself when she needs it!

2. When she dumps Bojack

No one sees through Bojack’s toxicity as clearly as Princess Carolyn. And when she finally musters up the gumption to break up with him (as a boyfriend, not as a client – that’s next!) she really let’s him have it.

3. When she kicks Bojack’s ass

Or rather, when he tries to fire her. Man, each time Princess Carolyn let’s him have it I think “this is the most satisfying dressing down I have ever witnessed!” And then the next one happens. But here, her long contained fury is finally unleashed!

4. When She fires Judah

The only character more insufferable than Bojack is Princess Carolyn’s assistant Judah. When she learns that he went over her head to nix a merger that would have potentially grown her career to “protect her” she finally dumps the sentient man bun.

5. Her great great granddaughter

One of the most heartbreaking episodes in the entire show, we see Princess Carolyn’s great great granddaughter telling the story of PC’s determination, grit, and perseverance (especially surrounding her pregnancy and dreams of motherhood) – only to learn at the end of the episode that she has miscarried the baby, and the great great granddaughter is a story she made up to comfort herself and help her make it through tough times.

6. Princess Carolyn adopts

Last season, Princess Carolyn has to muddle through the bureaucratic nightmare that is adopting a child (ie, the clip above) but by the end she is successful and takes home her precious little baby hedgehog. After a lifetime of managing her expectations and putting other people’s needs before her own, Princess Carolyn has finally achieved something for herself.

But how will Mama Princess Carolyn handle the unique struggles of being a single working mother? I can’t wait to binge/cry my way through the penultimate season to find out.

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