Bojack spots some wild horses during a profound moment.

The Cavalry Showed Up on Actual Horseback to a WGA West Picket Line!

With the writer’s strike still going strong, it’s only natural that some strikers are starting to get creative with how they demonstrate. And what better way to amplify your solidarity than by bringing in the cavalry?

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Lisa Hanawalt, creator of Tuca & Bertie and co-creator of Bojack Horseman, arrived on the picket scene yesterday atop her glorious steed, Juni. Accompanied by her fellow horse-riding companion (@palominosandchampagne), the two made quite an entrance!

Lisa, Juni, and their friends @palominosandchampagne
Screengrab from Instagram, @lisadraws!

As we’ve covered before, there’s no reason not to make a picket line fun, and you almost make more of a point by showing up with something cool and unexpected. And what’s more cool and unexpected than rolling up anywhere on horseback?

This was especially a delightful surprise for those of us who’ve been following Hanawalt’s adventures with Juni, an adorable Norwegian Fjord horse. Hanawalt expands on her love for Juni, and for horses in general, in a beautiful comic she did for The New Yorker.

Throughout the strike, both Hanawalt and her partner Adam Conover have been incredibly proactive in spreading news and information across their social media. They are truly dedicated to supporting their fellow writers, both within the WGA and in other creative unions that may or may not have the power to strike, as well. If you want to keep abreast of the news as the strike goes on, I highly recommend following both of them.

Who knows? You may end up on the picket line with sweet lil’ Juni, too.

(Featured Image: Netflix)

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