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Oh Man, I Am So Ready for Bojack Horseman Season 4 to Destroy My Emotions

In the trailer, we have Diane leaving Bojack a voicemail catching him (and us) up with all the new developments. Apparently, the gang hasn’t seen the Horsin’ Around star for 3 months, which isn’t surprising when we remember the devastating and emotional space we last saw him in. There’s quite a bit going on in the trailer, so if you’re aiming to go into the new season knowing nothing I’d head back now.

While Bojack has always been the center of gravity dragging his friends and co-workers into his destructive pace, life continues to move without him and we see everyone doing their own thing. We don’t know if Bojack is moving forward, but everyone else seems to be. Diana is somewhat begrudgingly working at a blog that boasts articles like “Swipe Left on Patriarchy!” and “Chris Hemsworth’s Penis Outline,” Mr. Peanutbutter is running for governor in what will no doubt be the source of a lot of resonant political satire, Princess Carolyn is possibly moving forward in her relationship with Ralph Stilton, an Todd is Todding-about with some newfound fame “Things are even crazier around here lately,” Diane says. Also, clown dentists?!

There is a huge revelations in the trailer though, which is the appearance of a young female horse who tells Todd that people have always said she looks a lot like Bojack. Will the appearance of possible daughter be the catalyst that Bojack needs to move forward? It’s a pretty common narrative device, the man who reforms and forces himself to mature with new paternal responsibilities. Still, that seems a bit too obvious or easy for Bojack Horseman, not to mention the countless times we’ve seen him fail young girls who look up to him like a father-figure.

Will this finally be the redemption Bojack so badly wants, or are we going to see him stumble and sabotage his own happiness, disappointing yet another person who makes the mistake of believing he can be better than he is? Season 4 premieres September 8th, prepare your emotions. Are you looking forward to more Bojack Horseman?

(via Indiewire, image: screencap)

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