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Ditch the Takeout: Save 54% on Three Blue Apron Meals


Your pizza guy worries when he hasn’t heard from you in a couple of days. You’ve been using your oven for storage. There’s something growing in your vegetable crisper and you think you saw it move. You need help. You need Blue Apron.

Here’s your chance: get three meals for two people from Blue Apron for just $27. That’s a savings of 54% off, courtesy of the Mary Sue Shop.

In other words, you’ll be paying only $4.50 per serving for delicious, home-cooked meals that are certain to nourish–and impress.

Before you start panicking about cooking, read on. Blue Apron simplifies the kitchen, sending you all the ingredients you need to make Top Chef-level meals without having a breakdown in the grocery store.

For just $27, you’ll get three recipes, plus all of the ingredients to make them for two people: farm-fresh product, top-quality meat and seafood, artisanal spices, delicious cheese, and more.
Meals only take about 45 minutes to prepare—and let’s admit it, you’ve probably spent more time crafting your perfect pizza topping ratio. You can even personalize your deliveries to your dietary preferences.

Bid your pizza guy adieu. Get three meals for two people from Blue Apron, for 54% off at the Mary Sue Shop.

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