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Crazy “Blood Sport” Gaming Peripheral Sucks Your Blood When You Get Hurt in-Game. Really.

No, this is not a pitch for another Saw movie.


Video games are getting in on the vampire craze, but if this game is any indication, we’d all be a lot better off if interactive entertainment stayed out of the shiny, undead bloodsucker arena.

Blood Sport works incredibly simply; it’s hooked up to a controller’s rumble function and reroutes the signal to a machine that draws your blood through a needle that stays jammed in your arm while you play. Fun, right!? That also means it works with pretty much any game, although it also means that games that use rumble frequently for finding nearby secrets and such might leave you a little dizzy.

Not too dizzy, though. They’ve got a control mechanism that makes sure the game doesn’t draw dangerous levels of blood for your height and weight, which will prevent any in-game “fatalities” from becoming too literal.

“Why? Why would you do this!?” I can hear your brain screaming. Actually, Blood Sport’s creators envision it being used at blood drives to help raise awareness and make donating a bit more fun. So it’s less about making video games creepy and more making blood drives friendlier, which I can get behind.

Like every other weird gadget you’ve seen in the past two years, Blood Sport is currently in the middle of a Kickstarter campaign. You can head over and donate if you’re not happy with “all of your free time” being the only thing video games can suck away from you.

(via Dorkly)

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