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Blizzard Trolls BlizzCon Attendees with “New MMO,” World of Jersey Shorecraft

Blizzard Entertainment is pretty infamous when it comes to pranking their fans, but their prank at this year’s BlizzCon was so calculatedly evil that it can only be considered a hilarious epic troll. Hilarious if you aren’t a huge Blizzard fan, I suppose.

For around three years now, rumors have been flying around about Blizzard’s next MMO to follow their gaming landmark, World of Warcraft. At this year’s BlizzCon, Blizzard’s Paul Sams got on stage and began to unveil this oft-rumored MMO, which would’ve been the biggest gaming-related story of 2010. The crowd goes absolutely nuts with excitement as expected, but it quickly turns to laughter and overwhelming boos when the game ends up being World of Jersey Shorecraft. The general sentiment of the audience is succinctly captured by a lone member at around 1:13 into the video with a fairly loud and straightforward “I hate you!”

Paul Sams goes on to unveil two other troll games, Gleeablo, a combination of the musical teen drama Glee and pillar-of-Blizzard-gaming Diablo, and Booty Baywatch.

He also makes a joke about how Sam Raimi being signed on to the World of Warcraft movie requires them to hire Bruce Campbell, and ends the short routine with a “For the Horde!” for good measure, met by the entire audience’s fists in the air.

(via Joystiq)

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