Waiting on the New Blizzard MMO? It’s Not Coming “Soon”

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2010 has become a year of a comparatively tame Blizzcon, and it’s hard to blame Blizzard for it.

After all, last year they had World of Warcraft: Cataclysm to announce.  This year, it’s coming out in a month.  2008’s Blizzcon was a showcase for the then-fairly-recently announced Diablo III, now the game is nearing fruition (for Blizzard, anyway).  And StarCraft II is less than a year old, with its second installment not due until 2012.

And so, given the quietness on the western front, there was a low current of expectation that we might even see something about Blizzard’s fabled Questing Beast of the last three years: their mysterious unannounced new MMO.

Rumors about the new Blizzard MMO began in 2007, with a job listing asking for developers for an unnamed massively multiplayer project.  Blizzard would later confirm that this was a new, unnamed MMO project that would not be based on any of their existing big properties, StarCraft, Warcraft, or Diablo.  There has been very little information on it since, and, unfortunately for fans, there is not likely to be more information about it any time soon.

According to Geoff Keighley of Spike TV,

Rob Pardo [Executive VP of Game Design] says next Blizzard MMO likely not to be announced until 2012 or later.

Which, lets admit, gives them plenty of time to walk us through one more World of Warcraft expansion before they unleash their next earth shatteringly addictive cultural phenomenon on us all.

(via That VideoGame Blog.)

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