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Civil War Directors Say “Hell Yeah!” to a Hypothetical Black Widow Movie


As long as we stay within the realm of hypotheticals, it seems like a lot of folks on the MCU creative team are on board with the idea of a Black Widow movie. Agents of SHIELD‘s Clark Gregg recently said, “it would be a waste if [Black Widow] wasn’t given the spotlight in the way that some of the other characters have been.” Meanwhile, Captain America: Civil War‘s directors Joe and Anthony Russo fielded a question about that possibility at a press conference:

Joe Russo: Hell yeah! We love that character.

Anthony Russo: And we love Scarlett.

Joe Russo: We find that [Black Widow] is one of (if not the) richest character in the Marvel universe. A very complex character, haunted by demons and her understanding of the world is fascinating. I think there is a lot that can be done with that character.

Recall that the two Russos directed Captain America: Winter Soldier, a movie that gave Black Widow frequent opportunities to shine and show her abilities. She arguably served as Captain America’s equal in that movie, although the movie’s named after him. It’s not unthinkable, then, that Black Widow might end up with a lot to do in Civil War and Infinity War as well, given the Russos’ involvement. Still, it’d be really neat to see Black Widow starring in her own film (with or without the Russos helming it) … although plans for a movie like that don’t seem to be anywhere on Marvel’s lengthy upcoming schedule.

Some fans have suggested that perhaps Black Widow could get a Netflix spin-off — and my colleague Teresa Jusino recently wrote about the pros and cons of that hypothetical outcome. As Teresa has already pointed out, it’s hard to imagine an A-list movie star like Scarlett Johansson starring in a Netflix show rather than in a big-budget silver screen feature, given the paychecks she earns. Financial concerns aside, though, doesn’t Black Widow deserve a movie of her own? Looking at it from a narrative standpoint, hasn’t she proven herself to be “important” enough by now?

It’s clear that she’s proven herself to the Russos — but perhaps not “the money guys” at Marvel Studios (as Joss Whedon called them). I assume that’s why there isn’t already a Black Widow movie in development. This does seem like the type of thing where fan interest could go a long way, though.

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