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Black Widow Has a New Release Date, So Does Every Other Marvel Movie

Scarlet Johansson as Black Widow in Avengers: Endgame

Happy birthday to me! I get Black Widow as my birthday movie! (It’s the little things right now.) Marvel has finally taken to the trend of pushing an entire studio’s slate of movies back due to the coronavirus and released their new schedule. I guess I’ll see Carol Danvers again when I’m in my 30s! (Now I’m crying.)

For the last few weeks, we’ve just been in limbo, waiting to see when Black Widow‘s new date would be, and some were speculating that we might even get a straight to digital release for the movie. Luckily, that’s not the case, and instead, we’re getting Black Widow as a fall release instead of its original summer slot, according to Disney as the company announced its updated movie release schedule today.

As a November 8th birthday, I could not be happier. I’ll gladly share my birthday with my face twin, Florence Pugh. But what’s interesting is that Spider-Man 3 is not yet moved on any of these lists (Marvel’s list or Sony’s list). So, does that mean that Spider-Man 3 is still set for July of next year? I’m not going to complain if that’s the case; I just want to know.

The thing is that Disney moved a lot of their upcoming films. Including a push back for Jungle Cruise and a straight to digital release for Artemis Fowl (that poor movie). It also means that Indiana Jones 5 is pushed back an entire year. Which, I guess is the nature of the game at this point because you have to track the box office and making sure your movies aren’t crossing over each other enough to cost you money but it still kind of sucks to see how far out some of these movies are.

With this though, we got a release date for Captain Marvel 2, which is 2022 and promptly three years after Captain Marvel. The idea of being 30 years old before the next Captain Marvel movie comes out hurts my soul. Marvel, though, is pretty much just keeping with their normal format. It’s like they just skipped their spring release and started in November instead, and everything else reflects that with the exception of Black Panther II and Captain Marvel 2, which is probably the closest Marvel release date I’ve seen recently.

I’m just excited that Black Widow still gets her time. Every new “rumor” about Natasha going straight to digital hurt because this has been a long time coming and Natasha Romanoff deserves her big-screen moment just as much as the men of the Avengers so now, we just have to wait until November. Hope all my friends are ready to dress up like Marvel heroes for my birthday party! (Which…what’s new about that? I was Aunt May last year.)

(image: Marvel Entertainment)

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