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Bill Nye Shines a Science Light on Gilmore Girls, Stranger Things, and Fuller House

How do the Gilmore Girls talk so fast? What’s going on with the multiverses in Stranger Things? Why do we all squeal when we see the puppies on Fuller House? As always, Bill Nye the Science Guy has the answers.

In short featurettes for Bill Nye Saves the World, which everyone of all ages should be watching, the Science Guy talks about some of Netflix’s popular shows and sciences them. For instance, he lays out a crash course on the multiverse theory for Stranger Things and Mr. Clark’s explanation of them. “At the end of the day, my money’s on El,” he says, “traveling through space and time to be reunited with her Eggos.” (Spoilers?) Us too, Bill Nye. Us too. On a separate note, can someone take us out of this universe because we’re clearly in the Upside Down. Why is season two so far away?

He also dives into the science of cuteness for Fuller House and how seeing a baby or puppy ignites brain activity in the orbitofrontal cortex, linked to behaviors like caregiving and bonding. It’s a fun fact, but maybe don’t point that out the next time your friend gushes over their cute baby. Takes some of the sweetness out of it.

Bill Nye also points out the unsafe quantity of coffee consumed in each episode of Gilmore Girls. I type this with a gigantic coffee next to me and plans to get more so, you know, no judgement. “I’m feeling wired just talking about it! That’s why they talk so fast,” he says on the copious amounts of caffeine Lorelai and Rory drink. That’s … terrifying, but it makes for some pretty great banter.


Bill Nye Saves the World is out on Netflix now, so grab some Eggo Waffles and listen to our childhood science hero skewer science myths and teach a new generation critical thinking!

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