Bill Gates is the Richest Man in America Once Again

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Earlier this year, Bill Gates lost his title as the richest man in the world. Not because Microsoft wasn’t doing well, or because he was emulating MC Hammer or Antoine Walker, but because he gave so much of his money to charity that he lost the coveted top spot. Mexico’s Carlos Slim edged out Gates by around one billion dollars when the riches of both were ranked earlier this year.

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Forbes released their ranking of the richest people in America, and Bill Gates managed to snag that title, so maybe if he’s feeling a little down that Carlos Slim edged him out in the world rankings earlier this year, Gates can retreat to his American title. Gates is still worth the $59 billion that he was worth back when he lost out to Carlos Slim, taking the American title by a cool $20 billion from friend Warren Buffet, who is only worth a measly $39 billion. Microsoft was also represented by CEO Steve Ballmer, worth an even more meager $13.9 billion. How does that guy even afford groceries? Head on over to Forbes to check out the list, wherein the least rich guy is still worth over one billion dollars.

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