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New York Mayor de Blasio Dresses Like Spock, Says He’s Kirk, Keeps Annoying All of Us

Today is testing me.

Leonard Nimoy as Spock making a sassy face

I was halfway through writing about Mitt Romney dressed like Ted Lasso and why that’s annoying, only to discover that New York Mayor Bill de Blasio is out here dressing up like Spock and calling himself Captain Kirk. Today is trying my nerdy patience with each passing moment.

In a press conference, de Blasio said he was dressed like Captain Kirk, which is funny because command uniforms are yellow, while science wear blue. So, if he wanted to be a high ranking officer while wearing a blue Starfleet uniform, that would mean he was actually Spock and not Kirk. Seeing as Spock is Kirk’s First Officer, he is the one who would make the most sense, but I could also see de Blasio thinking he’s like Bones, which infuriates me.

The initial tweet from Sam Raskin with the New York Post was met with many “nerds” telling him that the shirt was incorrect.

Yeah, sorry, don’t wear a Star Trek costume if you don’t know sh*t. I get it, Halloween is fun and you can dress up, but boy am I tired of being called a nerd or getting made fun of for pointing out that someone who thinks it is cute to dress up like a character they know nothing about is annoying. I deserve to be sexy Chewbacca after getting made fun of for 364 days a year for being a nerd.

What’s worse is that de Blasio was then told it was inaccurate, and he just went with it.

So … you just went on TV and said you were Captain Kirk knowing that it was wrong and thought “no one will make fun of me for this”? Because that shows me that you don’t know how much New York hates you.

Is the nerdy part of my brain taking over too much? Yes. There are more important things to criticize about de Blasio, but seeing someone you dislike dressed like a show or a movie character that is the polar opposite of them? That feels like a personal attack, and between Romney and now Bill de Blasio dressing up and missing the point entirely, it’s definitely targeting me.

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