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This Year’s Halloween Horror Is Mitt Romney Dressed Like Ted Lasso, Quoting Friday Night Lights

You don't deserve to wear the stache.

Ted Lasso crying and emotional

Today, Senator Mitt Romney’s team woke up and chose violence. I don’t know if they know that this was a direct attack on me and my character, but it was, and Romney and his binder full of women can go somewhere. If you have managed to stay unscarred today, I’m sorry, but I am about to ruin that because if I have to suffer this fate, so do the rest of you.

On Romney’s Twitter account, a gif was posted of the former presidential hopeful dressed like Ted Lasso—so, already a nightmare because Ted Lasso—well, he wouldn’t fight Romney, but I don’t think that Ted would like him. But then, as if Romney’s team wanted to fully break me as a human, they posted the gif using a Friday Night Lights quote from Coach Taylor, just to truly dig the knife in deeper.

He mashed up that quote with Ted Lasso I guess … because Ted has a sign that says “Believe” hanging above his door? He then just decided to go full into the famed Friday Night Lights quote that Coach Taylor tells the Dillon Panthers? Yes, the “Believe” sign was inspired by Friday Night Lights in the first place, but that doesn’t mean you just throw the two together—especially not if your name is Mitt Romney and you have no business around men like Ted Lasso and Coach Taylor.

Sure, I believe that Halloween is for everyone and if a character speaks to you then you should honor them by dressing like it for the holiday. But when you’re a Republican senator who makes it his life goal to take rights away from Americans at every turn, maybe don’t dress like a character who urges us all to be kind to one another because clearly, you don’t understand what Ted Lasso is trying to teach you, Mitt.

Twitter mocked Romney for the Ted Lasso/Coach Taylor mashup

Mitt Romney, maybe rewatch Ted Lasso and take a lesson from Ted and the wisdom he’s trying to impart to his team because, if anything, you’re the complete opposite of both of these men. You don’t deserve to wear the stache.

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