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This Artist Redraws Animals in a Way That Perfectly Captures Why We Ask For Animal Pics When We’re Sad

I can look at this rainbow light cat for the rest of my life

Bib art

While I know that the general consensus is that Twitter can be a hellscape, there comes a time when you run into an artist that uses it to fill your timeline with animals that only serve to brighten your day.

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Because why just have your heart melt about a tiger in a box when you can have adorable art of that tiger in a box?

If you haven’t seen Bib’s redraws that manage to make you fall more in love with a variety of fluff nuggets, then let me introduce you.

Who is Bib?

Bib is an artist who I discovered when I saw one of their tweets circulating through Twitter. The tweet had an image of an animal on one side with Bib’s redraw of the animal on the other. Right away, Bib’s art style put a smile on my face, but what I really liked was how they would redraw animals who were usually in the middle of doing something that would make them go viral.

Because yes, red pandas are one of my favorite animals of all time, so any picture would make me happy … but a picture of them standing up in an attack pose?

Yes sweetie, you’re so menacing, grr.

A lot of Bib’s redraws are like that. Some of the ones I love most are ones where animals don’t realize what kind of image they’re portraying, like the rainbow cat in the feature pic, or this majestic cat that looks like they’ve been tasked with finding the moon princess.

Or this cat who just received some shocking news, I think?

Or this majestically soaked tiger.

Cats aren’t the only animals that are redrawn, but if you’re a cat owner like me, you know that they are the perfect creative fuel for art that’s gonna make everyone stop doom-scrolling so they can retweet a cat that, well…

Don’t worry, little guy, at least you didn’t do this:

Why this is such a refreshing part of my day

When I reached out to Bib to ask what inspired them to start redrawing these animals, they had this to say. “I’ve started drawing animals as a way to cool down from work and to cheer myself up when I’m down in the dumps! What keeps me going is the fact that my silly doodles make people happy as well. So it’s a win-win situation really!”

Seeing a close-up of a black void cat or a big ol’ bear with a sunflower in its mouth really does make my day better, but knowing that all of this started as a personal pick-me-up for the artist makes the whole thing feel more wholesome than it already did.

This truly is why when people are in a bad mood they request a thread full of animal pics. They’re just so cute and silly without realizing it (or maybe they do realize it, I dunno, I simply live in my cats’ world).

Following Bib really has made my Twitter a more breathable place to exist in, and I hope that this art has brightened your day, too.

You can check out Bib over on Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter.

(Image: Bib)

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