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Beyoncé and Donald Glover Sound Amazing In a New The Lion King TV Spot

I'm feeling the love for this film tonight.

Mufasa and Simba in the Lion King

Even as we debated whether or not the lions can emote in Jon Favreau’s The Lion King, it was a truth universally acknowledged that we’re all excited for Beyoncé as Nala. While the details about her original song in the film are being kept under wraps (but will probably score her an Oscar), we’ve finally got a tease of what she and Donald Glover will sound like performing the Disney classic “Can You Feel the Love Tonight?”, thanks to a TV spot.

This is the first time we’re getting a chance to hear the music from the film, and it’s gorgeous. Seriously. Can the full song drop now?

This is to be expected, of course. Glover is a talented performer, and Beyoncé defies expectations. They’re going to absolutely blow audiences away with their work. Part of me hopes that they’ve even included one of Simba’s songs from the Broadway production in the film so that Glover can have a chance to really show his chops. Beyoncé is, of course, perfect. If she performs “Shadowland” from the Broadway production or an original song, I will cry.

The soundtrack will take a loss, as it’s rumored that “Be Prepared” was cut from the film. But if the rest of the music is as good as this clip, we’re in for a treat. Could The Lion King be the best Disney live action adaptation yet? Quite possibly, with this music.

(image: Disney)

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