And Now: Facebook Group Campaigns for Betty White as Academy Awards Host

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Not content with merely getting Betty White a gig hosting SNL — and seemingly indifferent to the fact that she called them (and all Facebook users) “losers” — White’s victory-drunk Facebook supporters have seized upon a new and overweening goal: Getting her to host the Academy Awards.

The group at the center of the movement is called “Getting Betty White to Host the Academy Awards,” and it already has more than 20,000 members — a number that’s sure to be way, way low if you check it again tomorrow. A typical wall post:

She’ll bring back some old fashion style back to the Academy. I’m so for it! She’s got class, style, humor and all anyone could ask for in a host. Let’s get’er done. Yes, Yes, Yes,,, All for Betty White.

In truth, hosting the Academy Awards is as much an act of stamina as anything else. While Betty White turns all notions of ageism on their heads, she is 88, after all, and might not be able to handle a four-hour gig*.  At that, it’d be great if White at least gets a presenting gig out of this.You can join — or at least check out — “Getting Betty White to Host the Academy Awards” here.

*: Unless she eats a delicious Snickers® brand candy bar.


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