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The Best White Haired Anime Girls, Ranked According to Their Otherworldlyness

Elizabeth from seven deadly sins crying (A-1 Pictures)

If you see an anime girl with white hair, odds are she’s not from around these parts. Odds are, she’s not from around any parts. She’s probably from another world—a mysterious place nothing like ours! She’s everything that a blue-haired anime girl wishes to be.

Speaking of mysterious other worlds, the internet wants me to rank the “best” white haired anime girls from all the anime ever. But I need a metric here. It’s not gonna be “but whose hair is whiter?” because I don’t know or care to know the difference between “eggshell” and “cream.” No, we’re going by another metric that is equally hard to quantify: otherworldlyness.

10. Najeda

Najeda from Akame ga kill looking like she's about to Akame ga kill you
(White Fox)

Najeda from Akame Ga Kill is technically from another world, but so is everyone else in the world of this anime. It takes place in a mighty Empire, the likes of which have never been seen before on our planet. The problem is that this Empire is pretty evil (no surprises there) and Najeda leads a team of assassins that conduct covert operations to strike back at the oppressive regime. What is otherworldly, however, is how she’s so good at her job without depth perception. She gets one “woo-woo” out of 10.

9. Koko Hekmatyar

Koko from Jormungand smiling (White Fox)
(White Fox)

Unlike Najeda, Jormungand’s Koko Hekmatyar is a person who lives on this planet—but one would never know. This character from Jormungand looks pretty damn alien. Spooky white hair, unnaturally pale skin, and pale blue eyes? She needs to model for Vogue or something. Odds are she’s gonna keep her day job as an international arms dealer, however. She’ll probably make more money. Two “woo-woos” out of 10.

8. Ilena

Ilena from Claymore showered in a rain of yoma blood (Madman Entertainment)
(Madman Entertainment)

Now we’re getting somewhere. Ilena from Claymore is a Claymore, a wandering female warrior who slays shapeshifting demons called Yoma at the request of a mysterious organization. The Yoma are supernaturally fast and strong, so Claymores ingest Yoma flesh in order to utilize their power. Ilena is one of the top three most powerful Claymores in all of the organization, and she has a variety of otherworldly abilities that give her an edge over her comrades. She can swing a sword fast enough to nearly break the sound barrier! However, she is still of this mortal plane, so points off. Four “woo-woos” out of 10.

7. Irisviel Von Einzbern

irisviel from fate zero smiling in snow (Ufotable)

Irisviel from Fate/Zero seems like a normal young woman (aside from her naturally white hair), but (spoiler alert) she really isn’t. I’m not just saying that she isn’t “normal”; I’m also saying that she isn’t a “young woman” at all. She is, in fact, a homunculus, which is a type of humanoid that is created through magic. It turns out she is simply a vessel for the Holy Grail. Yes, that Holy Grail. As such, she gets MAJOR “woo-woo” points. She’s at least a six out of 10.

6. Shiro

Shiro smiling from deadman wonderland (Manglobe)

Shiro from Deadman Wonderland certainly looks the part, with the spooky white hair and red eyes. Her otherworldlyness is not just skin deep, as she is also the world’s very first “deadman.” A “deadman” is a human being that has been infected with a species parasitic invertebrate called a “Nameless Worm.” The worm allows them to manipulate their own blood and use it as a weapon. Freaky. Shiro is the result of the first ever deadman experiment, as the Nameless Worms were created in a laboratory by her adoptive parents. She was used as a guinea pig for the experiments, and the trauma she endured caused her to develop a sadistic alternate personality called the “Wretched Egg.” It only gets freakier from here. Seven “woo-woos” out of ten.

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5. Elizabeth Leones

Elizabeth from seven deadly sins in black bodysuit (A-1 Pictures)
(A-1 Pictures)

Elizabeth Leones from Seven Deadly Sins seems like your average human girl, but she is actually *SPOILER ALERT* a celestial being. She is a member of the “Goddess Clan,” who are heavenly creatures with literal angel wings. You’d think this would put her at the top of the list, but since she spends most of her time doing worldly things like waitressing, she loses a couple points. Still, she’s at least an eight out of ten on the “woo woo” scale.

4. Meiko Honma

Meiko from Anohana blushing sadly (A-1 Pictures)
(A-1 Pictures)

Okay so Meiko Honma is a ghost which gives her a huge advantage over every other character on this list. She “haunts” the rest of the characters of Anohana, appearing to them throughout the series. She isn’t very spooky, though, and prefers to conduct herself like a friend of the protagonists, rather than a messenger from beyond. It makes her more comforting to be around, but to be truly 10 out of 10 “otherworldly” you gotta work to freak people out a little more. Still, she clocks in at a solid nine out of ten “woo-woos.”

3. Ragyo Kiryuin

Ragyo Kiryuin from kill la kill giving off rainbow light (image credit: studio trigger)
(Studio Trigger)

I’m amazed that a human being made it this far up on this list, but then again, we’re talking about Kill La Kill‘s Ragyo Kiryuin, so I’m not surprised. She’s about as “woo-woo” as a human being can get. So her hair isn’t all white, she has rainbow highlights, but it’s such a damn look that I’m forced to include her. This woman is a fashion icon. Her sense of style makes her far more otherworldly than her predecessors—that and the fact that she has thread-like aliens living inside her body.

She’d be a perfect ten out of ten if she weren’t so goddamn evil. She wants to infect the human race with alien parasites! And she’s a bad mom. Cleanliness is next to godliness, and her appearance is spotless but her soul is filthy. Still, 9.5 “woo-woos” out of ten.

2. Kaguya Otsutsuki

Kaguya from Naruto forming blades out of her body (image credit: Pierrot)

Kaguya Otsutsuki’s otherworldlyness is unparalleled. She is literally not of this world. She is a space traveling alien being that eats chakra. It doesn’t get much more woo-woo than that. She is also supernaturally powerful—the most powerful creature in the Naruto universe. She only loses points because she momentarily succumbs to human desires during her final fight with Naruto Uzumaki. Naruto uses his “sexy jutsu” to turn into a harem of hot men, and she gets distracted. To err is to be human, divine being or no. 9.8 “woo-woos” out of 10.

1. Kanade Tachibana

Kanade from angel beats playing piano (P.A. Works)
(P.A. Works)

Kanade Tachibana from Angel Beats is an angel—not in a “kind” and “good” way, but in a “terrifying” and “all-powerful” way. She is theorized to be a servant of God—not in a “church on Sunday” way but an “instrument of divine wrath” way. She has angel wings that sprout from her back. She can deflect bullets. She can summon blades that can cut through steel. She also displays no emotion when fighting. It’s really creepy. She is the pinnacle of otherworldy beings, so much so that assigning her a number out of ten is foolish. She is unquantifiable. All I can do to rank her is go woooooooo… WOOOOOOO!!!! Alone in my room until my neighbors call the police to check on me.

(featured image: A-1 Pictures)

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