Image of Quaxly, the clearly superior starter Pokemon in Pokemon Scarlet & Silver.

Well, at Least the ‘Pokémon Scarlet & Violet’ Memes Are Good!

Quaxly serving lewks, hunny.

Well, Pokémon Scarlet & Violet sure picked a weird day to come out. All we wanna do is share the freshest memes with y’all, but as it is, I feel like we’re all gathered around Twitter’s sick bed and waiting to see what happens.

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Don’t get me wrong, though: There’s plenty of material to work with here. Everyone’s initial thoughts on the game seemed to be less about the gameplay and more about how technically lacking it was. I myself am still holding out for a review copy (come on Nintendo, I’m funny and cute—what else do I have to do?), but in the meantime, I’m finding quite a lot of material to work with here.

Quaquaval supremacy

Don’t view this if you don’t want evolution spoilers, but:

I cannot wait until my little Catholic duck boy discovers who he really is. Me too, little one … me too …

“The Switch isn’t powerful enough!!!”

Evidently, it is! Although some companies sure like using that excuse to keep expectations low. This truly is astonishing, though, and I guess I’m a sucker because my first thought was, Well at least it looks slightly better than Sword & Shield.


I still can’t get over this shit. When the first Pokémon Scarlet & Violet trailers came out depicting Koraidon and Miraidon, I had to really bite my tongue so other people could enjoy it.

I much prefer this guy’s version of the lizards:


Okay, this one’s hella cute, though. And it only further cements my choice of Quaxly. Look at himmmmm <3


OOF, I feel this. I will be 25 very soon and I feel this.

Although not really, because back in my day, I’d play my little Gameboy Color while taking bathroom breaks. My Chinese mother would then tell me that so-and-so’s son would read on the toilet, which, you know, might be better for my brain. She may have been onto something.

“The Lord giveth, the Lord taketh away …”

Goddamn, Nintendo! Goddamn.

On the plus side, yaaaay new Alpharad Pokémon video!

Even more game-breaking!

I’d like to say that some of the most memorable moments in games are the ones where they break, like the Oblivion door glitch, or the Sims baby glitch, but I dunno about this one.

Pokémon said, “Trans Rights!”

This is just super cute, I love this. In case you didn’t know, Sylveon has been adopted as the “trans Pokémon” because of its colors, which it shares with the Trans Pride flag.

Everyone’s new fave gremlins

These little guys are called “Tandemaus,” and boy, are they Maus. Everyone’s losing their minds over this new evolutionary line, and can you blame them? They’re so … scrinkly.

Not in my house

To cap it all off, the one thing we can universally agree on is this:

Ahh, I love it when people come together.

(featured image: Nintendo)

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