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Best Pink Haired Anime Girls, Ranked

Sakura about to do a jutsu

The sky is blue, the grass is green, and the internet wants to me to rank a character’s cultural relevancy based on a totally arbitrary trait—anime girls with pink hair. All is right with the world.

How am I supposed to rank them? What’s the metric here? Is it popularity? Likability? The pinkness of their hair? What are the qualities that make one pink haired girl better than another? Are they important character traits? Are they qualities as desultory as the color of their hair in the first place? I don’t know, so I’m making it up. We’re going by quirkyness. That’s why we love pink-haired girls, isn’t it? Their “chip off the old block” nature. Their hair that refuses to conform to societal standards just as the personalities do.

It’s all I’ve got, so I’m going with it. Here are the best pink hair anime girls, ranked.

10. Nonon Jakuzure

Nonon Jakuzure about to transform in Kill La Kill
(Studio Trigger)

Nonon Jakuzure from Kill La Kill is a band kid, so that already makes her one of the quirky ones. What’s even quirkier is that she’s able to use her musical marching band powers to wreak death and destruction wherever she desires. As one of the five student council members of Honniji Academy, her quirk is that she’s one of the deadliest kids in the entire school. No one is gonna make fun of her for liking bassoons if it means that she’ll blast them away with a sound wave made by a thousand of the silly instruments—no one who values their life, that is.

9. Mina Ashido

Mina from My Hero Academia cracking her fingers (Bones)

My Hero Academia’s Mina Ashido puts the “quirk” in “quirky,” considering that she has a quirk that gives her the power to shoot highly corrosive acid. She’s also got a plethora of other abilities, like the ability to break dance. So cool! She also has a killer fashion sense and loves to go shopping with her friends. That sounds like standard “non-quirky” high school girl stuff, but when you also consider that her skin is pink and she has horns and big demon eyes, pretty much anything she does is quirky!

8. Megumi Shimizu

Megumi from shiki being creepy (Daume)

Megumi started out Shiki as a quirky girl in a rural Japanese town with dreams of moving to the big city, and she ended it by becoming a horrifying vampire creature called a shiki! Shiki have all sorts of quirky abilities! Most notably, they can survive even after you crush their head with the wheel of a tractor! Don’t believe me? Just keep watching and Megumi will show you how it’s done!

7. Mitsuri Kanroji

mitsuri kanroji blushing (ufotable)

Uh-oh. Some people would say that Mitsuri from Demon Slayer doesn’t count because she’s got a little green in her hair! But I’m sure they’d change their mind once she whips out her quirky little whip sword and convinces them to think otherwise! Mitsuri has some other interesting physical quirks! Her muscles are eight times more dense than an average human, so she possesses unparalleled speed and strength. She ripped off the Demon King Muzan’s arm with her bare hands! Now that’s quirky!

6. Mei Hatsume

Mei from MHA staring into your soul (Bones)

This pink haired high schooler from My Hero Academia has a quirky little quirk as well! Her eyes are basically telescopic lenses that allow her to see things 5 kilometers away! And that’s not even the quirkiest thing about her! She’s got a genius-level intellect and uses it to build an array of gadgets and gizmos that make life a quirky hell for her enemies! Maybe you could be as smart as her if you just dyed your hair! Try it!

5. Gasai Yuno

Gasai Yuno blushing evilly (Asread)

Gasai Yuno is a total Quirky McQuirkerson. What’s so quirky about her? She’s in love with the protagonist of Future Diary, and she’s got a funny way of showing it! Mainly through murder! This girl will do anything in order to win and keep the affections of her heart’s desire! Even if it means that she has to do horrible things in order to prove her love! She does a lot of other quirky things too, like talking to her parents’ dead bodies! So charming!

4. Sakura Haruno

Sakura smiling (Pierott)

Sakura Haruno is one quirky kid! She starts out the Naruto series as a somewhat shy and serious-minded girl, but she has a wild side to her personality called “Inner Sakura” that doesn’t give a honk about what anyone else thinks! As she grows up, this quirky little part of her mind comes to the forefront, and she shows everyone just how destructively quirky her rage can be! Sakura is freakishly strong, and could probably punch through a mountain range if she were pissed off enough—and if you mess with her crush Sasuke, she will def get pissed enough to show you her quirky raw strength.

3. Zero Two

Zero two from darling in the Franxx looking fierce (A-1 Pictures/Trigger/Cloverworks)
(A-1 Pictures/Trigger/Cloverworks)

Zero Two from Darling in the FRANXX is a quirky gal because she isn’t quite a “gal” at all! She’s only half human! The other half of her is klaxo-sapien, a race of extraterrestrial reptilian humanoids! How quirky is that? She also pilots a giant mech suit called a FRANXX, and uses it to fight massive biological weapons called “klaxosaurs” that are trying to wipe out the human race! If that wasn’t quirky enough, she’s also got cute little horns! But don’t touch them; they’re sharp!

2. Anya Forger

Starry-eyed Anya being adorable  (Wit Studio/Cloverworks)
(Wit Studio/Cloverworks)

Anya Forger from Spy x Family is perhaps the most adorable little quirkster on this list! On the surface, she looks like an average little pink-haired girl. But she’s actually a telepath! That’s right! She can read your mind. Her telepathic powers were awakened after she was experimented on by a mysterious organization. She also has the quirky little trait of being the adopted child of a super spy! She loves her spy-daddy more than anything in the world and is able to always tell when he tries to dupe her with a spy-lie. She’s the perfect little foil for his two-faced spy nature, and even he can’t resist her cuteness!

1. Utena Tenjuo

revolutionary girl utena the queens of sword lesbians within anime culture
(Nozomi Entertainment)

Utena Tenjuo was the original quirky pink-haired girl. She was quirking it up way back in the ’90s, before any of these other pink-haired girls were born. She did quirky pink haired girl shit before it was cool. She was only girl in her private school to wear a boys’ uniform, and unlike the boys’ uniforms, hers is black! She’s also a star athlete, and can beat any of the boys in organized sports. But quirkiest of all, she defends her classmate Anthy from Anthy’s bully of a fiancé, and after beating him in a mystical sword duel, Anthy becomes Utena’s bride! Then they embark on the quirkiest lesbian romance in anime history! What’s not to love?

(featured image credit: Pierrot)

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