Luffy about to throw a punch from One Piece anime (left) and Inaki Godoy as Luffy from the One Piece Live Action (right)

10 Best ‘One Piece’ Halloween Costumes for Villains and Straw Hat Pirates Alike

Netflix’s live-action One Piece brought many beloved characters to life without looking too campy. They looked like their anime and manga counterparts, just interpreted realistically. Sanji doesn’t have strange twirly eyebrows, and the women (thankfully) don’t have unrealistic body proportions. The costumes were still well-executed, and there’s no doubt that the actors and actresses who portrayed the characters were perfectly cast for their roles. They got it from the looks, down to the vibe-check.

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So naturally, there are a lot of people who wish to dress up as their favorite One Piece character for Halloween. There are many fun ways to cosplay as any of the villains or the Straw Hat Pirates in the series, and the possibilities are endless. Let’s take a look at some awesome costume options!

10. Easy Tony Tony Chopper Straw Hat

Planning to cosplay as a doctor during the spooky season had never been this cute. If you want to be Tony Tony Chopper, all you need to do is grab an old straw hat, paint it red, draw an ‘x’ at the center, and then stick reindeer horns on each side of the hat.

You can also paint the hat with the classic blue and pink colors Chopper sports in the anime, if that’s more your style. Finish it all up with some overalls, and you’ll be the cutest reindeer doctor trick-or-treating on the block.

9. Fancy Luffy


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You’re used to seeing scruffy Luffy with his iconic straw hat, a red tank top, blue jean shorts, and slippers. Nothing fancy, just your everyday Luffy gorging on devil fruits while looking for long-lost treasure. But you have to think outside of the box and imagine Luffy in Peaky Blinders instead.

Hellman Retail Group has made many anime and pop culture-inspired suits, and they all have distinct personalities based on their reference. Luffy’s suit features a red blazer in the shade of his classic tank top. It also comes with a blue dress shirt and a tie with Luffy’s face printed all over it, as if Luffy’s face printed on the corsage wasn’t enough. The coolest detail in the suit is the devil fruit lapel pin. Even if you can’t buy this suit, you can take inspiration from it with what you have in your wardrobe.

8. Fancy Trafalgar

Anime watchers would know that Trafalgar sports a casual look, even if it’s a little flashy because of all the prints featured on his clothing. But he’s also a fan favorite that many like to get creative with. If you don’t want to be mistaken for a regular person straight out of The Purge movies (since his cosplay also comes with a huge sword), you might as well put the Surgeon of Death in a suit.

It doesn’t have to be this kind of brocade vest but think about other prints that would be suitable and just as flashy. Make him look like the major crime boss of the seas, and don’t forget to spell ‘DEATH’ on the back of your fingers for that fake tattoo.

7. Genderbent Sanji

Too many have thirsted over Sanji, and for valid reasons. But if you can’t find a man with strange spiral eyebrows in real life, you can dress up as him for just one night. Be a runaway prince who gave everything up for his dream of becoming a chef! It doesn’t matter how you identify, you can easily pull him off by styling yourself correctly.

All you need is a collared three-fourths loose-fit shirt and black slacks, and you’ll be good to go. Just make sure you have the side bangs to cover half of the left side of your face and don’t forget to draw on his signature spiral eyebrows.

6. Steampunk Nami

Nami is such a girl crush in every universe, and most characters agree. She’s a cool and tough character who has amazing outfits throughout the anime’s arcs. If you’re not vibing with anything you’ve seen in the anime or Netflix, then you can’t go wrong with dressing up as steampunk Nami.

If you’re not a real ginger, you can always throw on a wig, find a nicely embroidered corset, and then pair it with a long skirt and a loose blouse. In true Nami fashion, pair your outfit with heeled boots and you can be everybody’s crush during All Hallow’s Eve.

5. Nico Robin

You might think that it would be tricky to cosplay any woman in the series since they’re fond of revealing clothes. But if you don’t wish to show a lot of yourself, that shouldn’t stop you from having a different interpretation of any of your favorite characters. Robin is a smart and serene scholar, and it shouldn’t be hard to adapt to her vibe.

In this case, @julianmecca from Tiktok incorporated the floral patterns found in Robin’s clothes into a hijabi cosplay. Maybe add either sunglasses or a cowboy hat, and everybody would definitely be able to tell that you’re Robin.

4. Ham Zoro

Many fans simp for Zoro too, if they don’t ship him with Sanji. But amidst all the thirst traps are a few memes that One Piece fans would instantly clock. One such meme is Ham Zoro. The context is found in one of the scenes where Zoro broke at least 20-30 bones in his body, and Trafalgar instructed Sanji to patch the broken man up. He ended up looking like a cross or a mummy, but that’s not what Sanji saw.

Sanji’s not a medic, and the technique he used to bandage Zoro was the same way he would truss a ham. This led Zoro to ask if he looked like ham to Sanji, and the whole scene became a meme in the One Piece fandom. If you have a friend or significant other dressed as Sanji, maybe you should ask them to turn you into Ham Zoro.

3. Variations of Brook

What’s nice about dressing as Brook is that you can find skeleton masks everywhere, even at your local Party City or Target. If you have a black turtleneck no longer in use, you can paint bones on it to create the illusion of a skeleton. The rest of the outfit isn’t hard to pull off either since all you need is a faux feather scarf and a plain blazer. Everything else could be colorful and patterned.

Think: Harry Styles mixed with Bruno Mars, but a skeleton. If you see the vision, you’ll pull off Brook easily.

2. Embracing Clownery With Buggy

There are all sorts of clowns crawling the streets during Halloween, and sometimes they just lurk around on a regular day to scare normal people. But if you want to show your makeup prowess, you can try pulling off Buggy’s makeup and still have a classic clown look.

Buggy is perfect if you can’t decide between dressing up as a pirate or as a clown for Halloween. Why choose one when you can choose both? He’s committed a lot of crimes, but the only thing you’ll be slaying would be his makeup.

1. Classic Luffy

This list wouldn’t be complete without the basic but classic suggestion. Why not just dress up as plain old Luffy on Halloween night? Not even the fancier version, just the one you’ve grown up reading about and watching in the anime. The best part is that the costume is little to no effort. It will be up to you to stay in character as the ever-so-energetic Luffy.

The best part about this fit is that anybody can be Luffy. A lot of girls have cosplayed Luffy throughout the years, and a lot of guys have also effortlessly pulled him off at conventions. Gender is a construct, embrace your inner pirate!

(featured image: Toei Animation/Netflix)

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