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The 10 Best LEGO Batman Sets To Impress the Real Thing, Ranked

So you want to be Batman’s next protege, huh? Maybe you don’t even want to wait that long. Maybe you want Batman to drop his current Robin, Dick Whatshisname, and make you his new Robin right now. But how can you possibly convince the caped crusader? These LEGO sets can help.

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10. The Joker Notorious Lowrider

The Joker Lowrider LEGO set

Think of The Joker’s Notorious Lowrider as a thinly veiled threat to Batman if he DOESN’T replace you as his protege immediately. If you’re not made his boy wonder, regardless of gender, you’re just gonna have to join the other side. And why wouldn’t you? Look at Joker’s WHIP. Sure the Batmobile has functionality, but the Joker’s ride has style. Look at that classy gold chicken hood ornament. And if you really want to impress the gear heads, make sure you use the suspension function that actually makes the car bounce. Pretty pimpin’.

9. The Batwing

The Batwing LEGO set

Maybe Batman’s worried that you don’t have the necessary licensure qualifications to be one of the Wayne Family. Prove him wrong when you build The Batwing. You don’t NEED a pilot’s license! You BUILT that Batwing yourself! You know all about its multi mode wings and its mini disc shooters. You’re even ready to go toe to toe with the including Harley Quinn minifigure with her hammer and disc shooting gatling gun. You can handle yourself, Batman will be able to see that.

8. Batmobile and The Two-Face Chase

Batman and Two Face chase each other in LEGO cars in this LEGO set

Batman still not convinced you have what it takes to drive the various bat vehicles? The Batmobile and The Two-Face Chase should prove him wrong! Build these bad boys, ring the Wayne Manor doorbell, invite yourself in, and spend your afternoon scuffing up the hardwood floors that Alfred worked so hard to polish with these two LEGO vehicles. This kit is a two for one special, with the Batmobile AND Two Face’s car included. Plus a safe, dynamite, and dollar bills! Prove you’re a responsible person by safely handling all three!

7. The Bat-Space Shuttle

The Bat Space Shuttle LEGO set

Batman just won’t budge on letting you drive the Batmobile? It’s time to pull out the big guns. The Bat-Space Shuttle. Prove to the Caped Crusader that you don’t NEED roads where you’re going, you’re fully capable of flying yourself to space and back (on Wayne Industry’s dime, of course) with this rocket ship. The Bat Space Shuttle (I didn’t even know Batman went to space) even has minifigures of Catwoman, a Reggae Man Batsuit (also didn’t know that was a thing) and even a little Dick Grayson that you can throw out the airlock. Then he’ll have to replace you.

6. Batcave Break-In

Penguin breaks into the LEGO Batcave on a rubbery ducky boat in this LEGO set

So you’ve convinced Batman that you can drive his various vehicles, but can you handle yourself in combat? Let the Batcave Break-In prove your fighting spirit! Uh-oh! The Penguin has launched an amphibious assault against the Bat Cave with the might of his rubbery ducky combat boat! Thankfully Batman has his cool scuba Bat suits and his badass Bat boat to fight back! And look! Even Alfred is joining the fray! The set even comes with two villainous penguins that are accompanying The Penguin in his dastardly deeds. Prove to B-man that you know no one, not even animals, are above the law.

5. The Tumbler

The Tumbler LEGO Batman set

There’s one Bat-vehicle that you haven’t driven yet. The coolest of all. The Tumbler. Made famous by The Dark Knight, The Tumbler is Batman’s tactical tank answer to vehicular combat needs. And it’s time for YOU to take a joy ride. This almost 2000 piece LEGO set is fully equipped to handle the worst that LEGO Gotham City can throw at it. It has a full plate of armor and four big ass tires that can run over friend and foe alike! Too bad about Batman’s “no killing” rule. The Tumbler is the perfect murder machine.

4. The Animated Series Gotham City

A LEGO skyline of Batman: Animated series gotham city

Now can you prove to Batman that you’re worthy of protecting Gotham City? By protecting a model of Gotham City first! The Animated Series Gotham City features the Gotham City skyline made famous by Batman: The Animated Series. Look! There’s the police station with Jim Gordon! And the amusement park where Joker makes his lair! And even a Bat signal lighting the skies above! It’s all there!

3. The Batcave Shadow Box 

The LEGO Batcave box set

So Batman trusts you to look after the city, big whoop. Will you trust you with his inner sanctum? The Batcave Shadow Box is how you make him say yes! Every single Batcave staple is lovingly made miniature! The computer! Batman’s big chair! The Batsuit vault! Even Alfred is there to pour a spot of tea! If you can get in good with that geezer, Batman is SURE to accept you. He better, it’s 3,981 pieces. That’s a lot of time and investment on your end. The least he could do is reciprocate with a little trust.

2. Arkham Asylum Breakout

The LEGO Rogue's Galley break out of Arkham Asylum

How are you going to fare when the worst happens? When the doors of Arkham Asylum bust down and the Rogue’s Gallery spills out onto Gotham’s streets? By training for that day with the Arkham Asylum Breakout set! The Joker, The Penguin, Poison Ivy, Scarecrow, Mr. Freeze, everyone is on the loose! Put Mr. Freeze back in his icy tower! Poison Ivy goes back into her greenhouse room! And Joker? Throw him in the back of the included van and lock the included gates up tight! Batman will thank you for it.

1. The Batmobile Ultimate Collectors’ Edition 

The LEGO Batmobile set

You’ve gotten this far. Batman knows you can handle his planes and boats and spaceships. He knows you can handle protecting his city, his Batcave, and his allies. But can you handle … his personal car? The Batmobile Ultimate Collectors’ Edition represents the pinnacle of Batman’s arsenal. His treasured whip, the Batmobile. And she has never looked better. Long as your foot. Wide as your hand. Replete with sweet ass bat wings and bat symbols tires, the Batmobile is the definition of Bat-style. Will Batman trust you with the keys? Pull up next the real thing in this bad boy and I think he just might.

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