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The 10+ Best ‘Interview With the Vampire’ Memes the Internet Has To Offer

Come to me(me).

What a year it’s been for horror fans anticipating the new adaptation of Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles. Not only is it much gayer than the 1994 Interview With the Vampire film ever was, but it’s also a prime example of gothic horror. AMC’s Interview With the Vampire has taken vampires back to being seductive and unapologetic in terms of violence. This certainly isn’t Twilight or any other tame version of vamps.

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(Spoilers and some NSFW memes ahead.)

As much as Louis (Jacob Anderson) and Lestat (Sam Reid) have a very chaotic and unhealthy relationship, it’s hard not to ship them. The chemistry is there and there are plenty of beautiful moments between them. And it’s the type of queer relationship we don’t always get to see. Many times, m/f pairings are allowed to be chaotic and maybe even toxic, yet queer representation is apparently always supposed to be super positive.

Aside from examining the discourse surrounding queer rep, we also have fun around these parts—such as with memes and interactions on our preferred hellsites. This time around, I’m going strictly Tumblr with some of the best memes inspired by Interview With the Vampire.

Armand vs. Lestat

Louis is being held hostage, please come save him @Lestat.

Lestat, the chaotic bisexual

Daniel gets the juicy details

Daniel (Eric Bogosian) is really being fed all the details (whether altered or not). I’d love to be an interviewer that could sass off without getting murdered.


It would surprise the hell out of me if we’re wrong. Daniel and Louis in the club were very *points to Pride flag.*

Oh, Louis!

Louis was way ahead of everyone else, and I applaud him for that. The season finale was so heart-wrenching and purely chaotic.

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Facts on facts

I keep mentioning the word chaotic and you know what? It’s what makes the most sense, alright!

IWTV (1994) can’t sit with us

We’re sorry to inform the 1994 film that it must sit at the table across from AMC’s Interview With the Vampire, but it can’t sit at the same table because it’s not gay enough.

Again, Louis is being held hostage

Said it before and I’ll say it again, Louis needs to be saved. And it’s up to somebody else (probably not Daniel at the moment) to do it.

Love them

Jacob Anderson and Sam Reid are so cute offscreen, too! Go to YouTube to find their interviews or compilations of them interacting and try not to smile.

Side-eyeing her forever

Louis’s mom’s homophobic thoughts had really no chill, huh? Thankfully we don’t have to put up with her treating Louis like garbage for very long.

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