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Hey, I wanna fix you. Not that theres anything wrong with you of course! I think that you’re great, but I want to make you the very best that you can be! It doesn’t matter if you’re a whip smart INTJ who’s got it all together or a total ESFJ social butterfly, everyone could use a little help now and again. I know it might seem a little weird, but I just have this burning desire to help the world. So I was thinking maybe if I could help an anime nerd like you do something else besides… well, watch anime, then I could help everybody. I could change the world. There’s a great saying, a “pebble thrown today is the start of 1,000 mile causeway” which basically means if you start building the future you want in the tiniest way today then eventually you’ll achieve it if you just keep at it little by little! So I want you to be my pebble! So to help you go outside and smell a flower or get a job or something, I thought I’d show you a list of anime characters who are all trying to make the world a better place! They all happen to be INFJs, like me! And who knows, maybe after reading this list, you’ll learn that with a little patience, you could be an INFJ too.

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Armin Arlert

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Armin Arlert is always striving to make the world a better place, and one that is more in line with his optimistic ideals! Even when he was a kid, he was always appealing to people’s “better angels” just like Abraham Lincoln (total INFJ btw)! When the military discovered Eren’s titan powers and were attempting to kill him, he managed to save Eren Jaeger’s life using only his words. He made an appeal to their sense of duty and ethics, and was able to stop them from attacking Eren for just long enough that the situation could resolve itself. He’s also trying to end the cycle of violence and hatred between Eldians and Marlayens, even if he has to use Colossal Titan mass murder to do it (gotta break a few eggs to make that world peace omelet)! He even sees the best in his friends when they get super creepy and murdery, like Season 4 Eren! Armin is always trying to see this issue from both sides, and attempts to understand people whose actions he opposes in order to bring about a better world. And when he can’t, he kills (fixes) them! You go Armin! Fix them! Fix them all!

Itachi Uchiha

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Itachi Uchiha is another wonderful example of a world changing INFJ who is also totally not above mass murder! He kills his entire family for the greater good! Like Ghandi, said “be the change you want to see in the world”, and the change that Itachi wanted to see was a couple more kunai knives in the backs of his relatives! But he did it all to protect his home, The Hidden Leaf Village. His family was intending to stage a coup against the leaders of the village, so Itachi killed his fam before they could do it! Itachi Uchiha is a person who wakes up every day with the desire to make a difference. Kudos to Itachi! He even joins in the super mass murdery group the Akatsuki in order to spy on them to protect the Hidden Leaf Village. Unlike Itachi, the Akatsuki are the kind of genocidal bastards that you don’t want to be. They’re mean!


(image credit: CloverWorks)

Yay more killing! Norman from The Promised Neverland is the change that he wants to see in the world, and that change is the genocide of an entire species. But don’t feel bad, the species I’m talking about is a race of literal demons who eat human flesh. Not cool! So what does Norman do! He forms a resistance movement made up of some other “murder for the greater good” types and then starts doing what they all do best, which is (you guessed it) murder! Eventually his best friend Emma convinces him that the most ethical course of action is to figure out a way for humans and demons to coexist peacefully, but not after he’s put a few dead demon notches on his belt! Norman is a great example of how even when you’ve got big murder plans, you should still listen to your friends’ advice. And if you don’t like what they say, you can always “fix” them too!

Hatori Chise

(image: Wit Studio)

Sadly, Hatori Chise doesn’t resort to extrajudicial killing to achieve her goals, but that’s okay! Sometimes different people have different ways of achieving their dark designs – I mean – bright futures! Hatori Chise is a total rags to riches success story, because she realized at a young age that you can only help others if you help yourself first. After her father left her and her mother tried to murder her (long story), she was left alone and destitute. So what did she do? She did what any good little entrepreneur would and went into business for herself! And what did she sell? Her body. That’s right! She put herself up for sale at a creepy “wizards only” underground auction, where she was bought by a mage named Elias Ainsworth. Ainsworth is part fae and part human, but not the cute Tinkerbell kind of fae! No, he’s got deer skull for a head and can turn into a horrifying monster when he needs to. But Hatori Chise saw the kind heart beating within him (metaphorically speaking, I don’t know if he has a literal heart) and nurtured it. She teaches him how to be human, and in turn he teaches her magic. Pretty sweet deal!

Akune Tsunemori

(image: Production I.G.)

Akune Tsunemori is another character for whom murder isn’t their first choice, but it isn’t entirely off the table either. Akune Tsunemori is a police officer in a futuristic, cyber punk city where people’s mental health is monitored and evaluated based on how likely they are to commit a crime. They are given a score called a “Psycho-Pass” and if that score falls below a certain number, they are subject to arrest or summary execution. Well, it’s not technically summary execution because the judicial system still technically exists in the form of an A.I. based intelligence called the Sibyl System, but aside from being judge and jury, the Sibyl System is also executioner. Akune Tsunemori however thinks that the Sibyl System is sometimes wrong, and has the radical notion that traumatized people shouldn’t be horribly killed when they haven’t even committed a crime. You go girl! Fight the system! Nevertheless, she isn’t above using lethal means when her life or the lives of others are at stake. I totally get it! I’d kill anyone who got in my way of making you a better person! Including you!

Featured Image: MAPPA

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