Aemond Targaryen realises that he just brought a whole lot of troubles on his family on House of the Dragon

The 10 Best ‘House of the Dragon’ Memes

The best memes in the realm.

After being lost for years without Game of Thrones, we have finally found our way to the Seven Kingdoms again with House of the Dragon. In the ten episodes of season one, we got dragons, incest that we all started to ship, and a trash prince. Not to mention drama for days.

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With the huge fanbase of HotD, there were the inevitable memes. Maybe it is because I am deep into the fandom, but I feel people have really outdone themselves with some of these hilarious takes on such a serious show. It has been like therapy for all the ups and downs we have had with the show. To celebrate the end of season one, we have assembled the best memes from the realm.

1. I’m in.

A lot of us were hurt after Game of Thrones finished so poorly. It was hard to trust and love again. So when House of the Dragon had a premiere date, few were sure if they were going to watch it. Yet, seeing those dragons and white-haired drama queens, we were hooked.

2. The old switcharoo.

After years of stalemate in the Stepstones, Daemon had enough and took on the ferocious Crabfeeder by himself. He didn’t go in dragons blazing (for once). Instead he calmly went in white a white flag, before whipping out his sword and taking everyone out.

3. Yas, Queen.

Rhaenyra is held to a much different standard than any male in her position would be. Instead of letting it get her down, she handles it like a boss. After convincing everyone she didn’t have relations with her uncle in a brothel (but then did with her guard Ser Criston Cole) and getting Otto Hightower fired for putting his nose where it didn’t belong, she had reason to celebrate.

4. The Burn Book

At first, Ser Criston Cole seemed cool. He was sweet, knew how to fight, and helped Rhaenyra when she needed it. After an intimate night with Rhaenyra, all that changed. He asked Rhaenyra to give up her family, crown, and dragon, to run away with him and live as a couple of unknowns. When she obviously rejected him, he turned into the biggest tool in Westeros.

5. Number one for a reason.

King Viserys may have loved all of his children, but everyone knew Rhaenyra was his favorite. To be fair, she is the first born of his children and she is utterly amazing.

6. Poor old Viserys.

Even though he was king, Viserys had a lot of Targaryen family drama to put up with every single day. He earned his eternal rest.

7. Daemon, our trash prince.

Yes, we all know Daemon is awful. But it is okay to still love him. And we all enjoyed it when he defended his wife and stepchildren. You do you, Daemon.

8. House of the Shrek

Episode 8 summed up via Shrek. Even if we have already seen a dragon burst through a stone building, we can see it a few ore times.

9. Mom, just let me explain…

Poor delusional Aemond thought he could control one of the biggest dragons ever. Vhager had plans of her own and the two of them inadvertently started a war. How is Aemond going to break the news to Alicent?

10. We swear allegiance to the queen.

I supported everything Rhaenyra did from the first episode, but by the end of episode 10, I would commit war crimes for her. After trying to take the high road, RHaenyra is going to wreak havoc in season two and I support her every step of the way.

Season one of HotD was wonderful. Sadly, HBO released a statement that fans probably won’t be getting to see season 2 until 2024. I wonder how many times I will be forced to rewatch the first season to get my Targaryen fix before then.

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