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Dress Like a N00B? The Best Geeky T-Shirts For Every Type of Geek

Do you feel like your t-shirts aren’t witty enough to please your geeky peers? Is the message on your chest making people laugh for the wrong reasons? Geekosystem is here to help!

We’ve combed the planet to find you the best, nerdiest t-shirts the interwebz has to offer.  Whether you’re a mathlete, 1337, gamer geek, music dork, or member of some other branch of nerdocracy, we’ve got you covered:

All t-shirt recommendations made solely out of genuine geeky enthusiasm; no kickbacks, swag, or payola.

Math & Science

From left to right: Germ Wrangler, $24.49, available at SCIENCE!; Pi Be Rational, $18.95, available at SnorgTees; Stand Back, $19, available at xkcd Store.

From left to right: Are You Positive?, $18.95, available at SnorgTees; Rocket Science, $19.95, available at GlennzTees; Nuke Hugger, $24.49, available at SCIENCE!.


From left to right: We Will Rock You, $18.95, available at SnorgTees; Beethoven’s Fifth, $20, available at BustedTees; I’ll Be Bach, $18.95, available at SnorgTees.


From left to right: Tri-Lam Revenge of the Nerds Shirt, $20, available at 80sTees; Darth Vader Costume Tee, $30, available at 80sTees; Empire Urban Regeneration Program, $18.95, available at SnorgTees.


From left to right: Fantasy Football, $20; Most Deadly, $20; Triple Nerd Score, $20; all available at BustedTees.


From left to right: Exploded Phone, $17, available at Exploded Store; Slide to Unlock, $20, available at Milk & Eggs Co.


From left to right: 404 Error, $16.99, available at BustedTees; Refill Required, $19.95, available at GlennzTees.

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