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The 10 Cutest, Fiercest, Cuddliest Dragon Squishmallows

Three squishmallow dragons overlaid on a rainbow dragon scale background

Dragons are awesome and the fact that you can easily acquire not just one but an entire hoard of plushie dragons is a perk of online ordering and the rise of geek culture colliding with each other. But these aren’t just any dragons, these are the absolute stinking cutest Squishmallow dragons around, winnowed down to the top ten fiercest yet lovable contenders.

It’s hard to imagine but theoretically possible that you might not know what a Squishmallow is, and indeed that you arrived here after frantically googling it after a younger person (or plushie and dragon-obsessed peer) asked you to get them one. In that case, let me catch you up. Made of the most ridiculously soft and squishy marshmallow-like stuffing and covered with almost equally soft fabric Squishmallows are adorable, rounded plushies with minimalist designs and absurdly cute little faces. With that out of the way let me guide you to finding the perfect, adorable faux scaly friend from their dragon line.


A blue dragon Squishmallow wearing a nightcap

A teal dragon with a sleepy little face and a nightcap Emrys the dragon’s bio says that he loves showing off his matching PJs and needs to be kept away from the sugary snacks or he’ll be up all night. It sounds like he loves sleepovers and would be perfect company for an insomniac. There’s just something really cute about snoozy little creatures and I absolutely love him. Into the top spot he goes. He’s hard to find but if you can he comes in two sizes, 12 and 14 inches, so a good middle-large size for snuggling.


A fuzzy pale blue dragon squishmallow with a rainbow tummy

A fuzzamallow, covered with shaggy fur that’s a really good texture to stim or fiddle with if you’re anxious or tired, Lorelei is pale blue with a rainbow tummy and silver glitter on her wings and ears. An ambivert according to her bio she’s very relatable, loving dinner parties and loud discos but needing quiet time to recharge with a bubble bath or a good book. At 12 inches tall she has a sweet, mysterious face and would be lovely to snuggle.

Boba Tea Drinking Baiden

A red and gold dragon Squishmallow drinking boba tea

A cute red dragon available in 7.5 inches Baiden is making a happy little face as he slurps down some boba tea. Almost spherical for extra cute roundness he’s got golden claws, wings and inner ears. According to his bio, Baiden has an after-school job at a farm where he loves working with plants, and is especially interested in learning how to get the best soil possible. Perfect for a plant lover there are also boba-free versions of him available in 8 and 12 inches where he manages to look confused or surprised instead.


A purple dragon Squishmallow with a scaley blue stomach

With a shimmery scaly blue tummy, long eyelashes, and a pale lavender plush body Drow is a very pretty dragon. Though he has metallic scaley wings he almost never flies because he’s afraid of heights, but he loves dancing and frequently does that instead. There’s just something very cute about a dragon whose afraid of heights, and paired with his serious, anxious little face it makes you want to pick him up and squeeze him as hard as his marshmallow body will allow. He only comes in 16 inches, making him a good large medium for hugging and leaning your head on.


A green dragon Squishmallow with happy closed eyes

A particularly round, pale green dragon Azizi is available in 14 and 16 inches. Smiling so much his eyes are squeezed shut he seems like an especially happy little creature, and his bio backs this up. Apparently, he used to be a scattered little chap but went on to study “traditions old and new”, coming out of it calm, collected, and organized. Now his mission is to help other people get to the same place! Personally, as someone with ADHD, I’d have found him a helpful little friend in college, to sit on my desk and keep me company while I tried to stay on track.


A black dragon with gold wings, stomach and nose

A black and gold dragon with a mane of fuzzy hair on top of his head, as well as a collection of white spikes and horns, Luxmen only comes in the extra round 7.5 inches. Despite his confused little face, he’s apparently an entrepreneur working on an educational nonprofit to help make sure everyone has access to the tools they need to learn. He believes education will make the world a better place and wants to do his part getting us all there, so if you’re looking for a gift for a teacher he might be up your alley.


A bright blue Squishmallow dragon with different colored horns
A bright blue Squishmallow dragon with different coloured horns

A bright blue dragon Tatiana has one darker blue horn and one purple one, as well as silver wings! Available in medium and some of the larger sizes she makes a huggable travelling buddy, which is also what she likes to do. She loves exploring, being outside and researching her next adventure in the library, as well as dancing and baking for her friends. Tatiana also wants to save the world, in her case “one day at a time”, and is overall a total sweetheart.


A bright green dragon Squishmallow with hearts embroidered on his stomach

A member of the Valentines Squad Desmund is a sage green dragon with silver wings and horns and little hearts embroidered on his white stomach. According to his bio he’s a passionate cook who loves to make food for his friends, and when he cooks steak he uses his own fiery breath to do it. Available in most sizes to keep you company wherever you are.


Tie-dyed yellow, pink and red Squishmallow dragon

A member of the Valentines Squad Mini-Mae is tie-dyed in yellow, red and pink. According to her bio she’s all about creativity and standing up for others. A quiet little dragon with an innocent face she loves drawing and daydreaming but if someone needs it she’ll speak and everyone listens. Mini-Mae wants to use her art to change the world and would make a great companion for similar artists. Available in the larger sizes of 16 and 20 inches she’ll be great to hug.


A pale blue Squishmallow dragon with silver wings and nose

He’s a computer wizard! I don’t know why that’s so cute but it is. Miles wants to grow up to be an engineer and loves learning all about new technology, and in his free time he builds robots with his friends. With his soft teal plush and metallic silver details he’s a pretty little chap, add in his slightly concerned expression and the overall effect is adorable. Miles is available in every size, whether you want him as a cushion or a little buddy to sit on top of your computer.

(featured image: Squishmallow / MaryMo_art/Getty Images / The Mary Sue)

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