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The Best Gifts for Book Lovers

Just one more chapter ...

Belle singing on a ladder on a book shelf in Disney's Beauty and the Beast.

Need gift ideas for a book lover in your life? We got you covered for avid readers of all kinds, including those hard-to-please smut enthusiasts.

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Whether we like it or not, the holidays are here. That means trying to find the perfect gift for everyone you love just to show them how much you adore them. No pressure, right? If you are shopping for a book lover, you might be tempted to get them another book. Which is fine—we love them. But we have some ideas that book lovers will enjoy, and they won’t take up a huge amount of precious shelf space. We’ve split up our suggestions—one section for readers of all tastes and another for those who like to read the spicier stuff.

Ideas for book lovers

These gifts are ideal for any avid book reader—and it doesn’t matter which genre they love the most.

Zuru Mini Books

Zuru Mini Brand books.

Mini Brands has a lot of really cute miniature toys. It comes as a ball that contains five mini surprises of whatever the ball’s theme is. Of course, the books are the cutest. All books are full miniature versions of regular-sized books. So, with good vision or a magnifying glass, you can read your favorite stories in the tiniest font.

Book Nook kits

Book Nook shelf insert.
(Book Nook Kit)

Bring classic book scenes to life with these amazing Book Nook kits. Designs range from detective studies to garden settings. Some even have little lights to brighten the scene. The kits are made easy for builders of all experience levels. If you have any room on your bookshelves, these models would be an adorable addition.

Reading light

Reading light in a bookmark style.

The two things book readers struggle with are time and darkness. We never have enough time to read. To read properly, you need sufficient lighting. You may not be able to stop time, but you can help with the lighting issue. These reading lights clip onto the book, so no matter what strange position you slide into while reading, the pages will still be illuminated.

Personalized key chain

Personalized bookish key chain from Etsy.

Let your book lover show their bookish pride with a personalized key chain. The key chains show a person sitting on a pile of books. The person’s body type, clothes, hair, and skin tone can all be changed to look like the book lover in question. Each book in the stack can have the names changed to reflect the receiver’s favorite novels.

“Just One More Chapter” cup

Just One More Chapter cup.

Reading can be thirsty work. You have to make sure to stay hydrated. This cup with a skeleton reading while promising “Just One More Chapter” will help you drink water while you read. Or maybe put your iced coffee in there to help you pull an all-nighter to finish that book you can’t seem to put down. Just one more chapter, then you can go to bed.

Ideas for spicy book lovers

These gifts are a lot more specific but are sure to be a big hit with those who love books with a bit more spice. Romantasy readers, rejoice!

Naughty bookmarks

Spank Me bookmark.

These bookmarks are beautiful and well-made. Besides being great at keeping your place in the book, they also double as naughty toys. One design has a metal half-ring at one end so it can double as a hand restraint. The other has a fringed end to serve as a spanking tool. Each style has many different design patterns and restocks happen often. The bookmarks are super hot in the Instagram and BookTok circles, so make sure you get yours fast. I may or may not have both styles that I may or may not love.

Filthy Books shirt

Filthy Books shirt.

With a shirt that says, “I dust my shelves, but my books are still filthy,” a smut lover can show off just what type of books they read. This one is funny without being overly descriptive. It’s the kind of shirt you could wear while picking up the kids from school.

Morally Grey sticker

Morally Grey is my Favorite Color sticker.

Who doesn’t love stickers? This one is for those readers who always fall for the villain and love those morally grey characters. The vinyl sticker says “Morally Grey Is My Favorite Color” with cutely drawn books and flowers. The one I bought looks great on my reusable water bottle.


Candle that smells like a fictional boyfriend.

If you know what the STFUATTDLAGG acronym means, then you are in the right place. If you don’t know what it means, I cannot be the one to tell you. Sorry. But readers of dark romances or smutty books will love the saying and the scent that goes with it. The candle smells like “a morally grey, dark-haired, possibly dangerous, fictional book boyfriend.”

“Good Girl” Book of the Month Club

Good Girl book of the month club.
(Probably Smut) is an excellent site full of wonderful items that I highly recommend you check out. But its book club stands out. If you can get on the list (it fills up quickly), they keep you supplied with new smutty books every month. It’s only $25 a month for a bunch of items and merchandise and at least one book.

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