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The Best Gifts for ‘Attack on Titan’ Fans

If you ask any Attack on Titan fan what they’d want for Christmas, it’s probably for one of their faves to come back to life. The second thing they’d ask for is a happy ending. Dark jokes aside, there is a lot of official merch from the anime to plow through and there’s just so much to choose from. A decade’s worth of content also produces a lot of fan art to choose from for your friends who love the series.

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For long-time Attack on Titan lovers, searching for gifts can cause decision paralysis because of the overwhelming amount of merchandise out there. But maybe you’re not a fan of this epic series but you have friends who would love to receive Attack on Titan-related gifts, You’ve come to the right place for recommendations.

Attack on Titan-inspired candles

Ever wondered what Levi’s house smells like? Maybe you want to know the scents Eren experienced in The Paths. Wonder & Whimsy Co. has a ton of pop culture-inspired soy candles to choose from. They have character candles and they also have scents inspired by scenes featured in various anime.

If you want to smell freedom from Paradis, you can try their Wings of Freedom candle. If you’re a hardcore Levi stan, Wonder & Whimsy Co has a candle inspired by the captain, named Humanity’s Strongest Soldier.

Attack on Titan handwoven blanket

Attack on Titan Handmade Tapestry Blankets featuring Ymir Fritz on the left and Eren Jaeger on the right.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find any Attack on Titan fan who won’t be jumping for joy over these SnugglebugWeaves tapestry blankets. They come in three sizes and range in price from $80 to $150. It’s all very worth it given the amount of detail.

SnugglebugWeaves has a ton of designs from other hit anime series, such as Jujutsu Kaisen, Chainsaw Man, Naruto, and so much more. But these two blankets inspired by Attack on Titan featuring Ymir and Eren Jaeger would make any fan extremely happy (and warm).

Attack on Titan x Manhattan Portage bags

If you’re a proud Attack on Titan fan, Manhattan Portage released a bunch of bags in collaboration with the series. They’re all khaki-colored and embroidered with the Wings of Freedom emblem. The collaboration also has a waist bag, a standard-sized messenger bag, and a mini messenger bag.

With how subtle the designs are, it’s safe to say that this is a design that will age well even years after the series’ conclusion. For friends and family who want functional Christmas gifts but are Attack on Titan fans at heart, these bags are a good combination of both.

Attack on Titan keychains

Attack Titan Eren keychain on the left, and chibi Attack on Titan character keychain on the right by Geekstation

Keychains are always good gifts to give to a lot of friends. If you have a bunch of Attack on Titan-loving friends, then giving them all keychains produced by local fan artists is a fun idea. Geekstation sells many anime-related keychains, and these two will be very much appreciated by your AoT fan friends.

Their keys might not hold humanity’s deepest and darkest secrets, but they’re still quite useful. The Eren jet tag, in particular, would also look cool hanging on anybody’s backpack or luggage bag.

Handmade Attack on Titan keycaps

KeyNerd has a bunch of great designs from Etsy all inspired by popular video games and anime series such as One Piece, League of Legends, and Attack on Titan. This Vietnam-based Etsy shop has a set of arrow keycaps inspired by The Rumbling.

The upper and lower arrow keys feature the Attack Titan’s head and the Founding Titan’s long spine, and both side keys are inspired by the Colossal Titans that accompanied Eren as he stomped over the majority of humanity. These season 4-inspired keycaps are a great gift for any keyboard modding friend who would like to remember their favorite series.

Attack on Titan shirts

Eren Jaeger Survey Corps Scout shirt on the left and the Founding Titan Ymir and Eren on the right.

Shirts are such great gifts. Not only do they age well, but they’re perfect for anybody who’s in need of casual wear. These Attack on Titan-inspired shirts by Unaviel from Etsy are great fits, especially if you and your friends plan to watch season 4, part 3 together during the holidays.

The nice thing about these Attack on Titan shirts is that they come in oversized cuts, so you won’t get your friend’s sizes wrong even if you never ask them for an exact measurement.

Attack on Titan hoodies

Attack on Titan Hoodies featuring the Survey Corps logos.

Hoodies are also never out of style, and it’s great to see that the AoT fandom outgrew their khaki Survey Corps Jacket era. If you’re not satisfied with gifting a shirt, then a zip-up hoodie is a good alternative, especially in the colder months. These Attack on Titan hoodies by PuzzleCraftUK come in many sizes, and they have the Survey Corps logo plastered on the back. They also have the Japanese title of Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) spelled out on the sleeves.

These give off Eren putting on a hoodie vibes. If you know, you know.

Attack on Titan music box

There are many music boxes in the market, but FANGXINArt creates ones with unique laser print designs on the box exterior. Their Attack on Titan Music Box only comes with the season 1 opening, “Guren no Yumiya” by Linked Horizon. It’s probably the most recognizable opening song among all others in the series.

These music boxes are hand-cranked and they’ll come just right on time before Christmas. If you have a friend who listens to Attack on Titan’s openings way too much, then they’ll have a blast playing with this small music box.

Nendoroid Levi Ackerman

Nendoroids are always great gifts to anime fans who love collecting figures. Any Attack on Titan fan would love to get a Levi action figure. Rumor has it that this one is so short, that he’ll fit even your average fan’s pocket.

This isn’t the only figure of Levi, since there is also a Levi Nendoroid (Rerelease) that many fans already have. If Levi’s not exactly your friend’s favorite character, there are many Nendoroids of other characters like Eren, Mikasa, Armin, Jean, and Erwin Smith available.

Eren Yeager Pop Up Parade figure

Another figure from Good Smile Company is this Pop Up Parade Eren Yeager: Attack Titan Ver. It features Eren in all his Titan form glory. It’s a figure that will look good on any fan’s shelf, and the price isn’t bad for a figure of this great detail.

This Attack on Titan figure was re-released on September 9, 2023, and costs around 4800 yen. If you want a gift for yourself as a fan of the series, this is a great one to get. And it certainly won’t disappoint the AoT fan in your life.

(featured image: MAPPA)

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