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And There It Is: Bernie Sanders Just Unveiled His Own Obama Ad

Bernie Sanders (I-VT) (L) walks with President Barack Obama (R) through the Colonnade as he arrives at the White House for an Oval Office meeting

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Both Joe Biden and Elizabeth Warren have campaigns ad centered around nice things Barack Obama has said about them, which, honestly, seems like a winning strategy. So it’s not surprising that Bernie Sanders has now launched his own Obama-centric ad, titled “Feel the Bern,” which you would think must have been used by the campaign already, but this specific “Feel the Bern” is running in states holding primaries over the next two weeks. It features snippets of a speech from the 2016 Democratic National Convention.

“Bernie is somebody who has the virtue of saying exactly what he believes. Great authenticity, great passion and [he] is fearless,” Obama says in the video.

“People are ready for a call to action,” he continues. “They want honest leadership who cares about them. They want somebody who’s gonna fight for them. And they will find it in Bernie.”

In response to the ad, according to The Hill, Joe Biden’s rapid response director Andrew Bates said in a statement, “Barack Obama chose Vice President Biden to be his partner over 8 years in the White House, entrusting him with managing the stimulus that saved our economy from a depression, obtaining the deciding vote for the Affordable Care Act and countless national security priorities.”

“By contrast, Senator Sanders explored a primary challenge to President Obama, who he compared to a ‘moderate Republican’ and said was not a ‘progressive,'” Bates continues. “As recent history has proven, no quantity of ads can rewrite history — and there’s no substitute for genuinely having the back of the best president of our lifetimes.”

As a reminder, Obama hasn’t endorsed anyone yet, including Biden, and no quantity of ads can rewrite that history either.

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