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Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange is Supremely Awful at Performing Magic Tricks for Children (And We’re Okay With It)

Jimmy Kimmel, however, is not amused.

Stephen Strange might be a renowned ex-neurosurgeon and the Sorcerer Supreme, but even the mightiest magician in the cosmos needs years of learning and dedicated practice before he can master the art of entertaining young children. Not everyone can be as naturally charismatic and engaging as Steve from Blue’s Clues, okay?

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Still, Strange-err Benedict Cumberbatch dressed as such- was roped into what he thought was a demonic problem. Instead, late night host Jimmy Kimmel brought him in to quell the frantic energy of a group of kids high on cupcakes. (Side note: If there ever was a device that could attach to one’s brain and project one’s nightmares in HD, the resulting video would look at lot like this.)

Not surprising to anyone, he’s terrible at making balloon animals because those are really hard and if you’re anxious about the sound of one of them popping, this is especially trying. But, hey, he also has the ability to transport you anywhere in the galaxy which, in my opinion, is even more impressive. Free vacations, anyone?

Look out for Doctor Strange battling evil forces over the age of eight in theaters on November 4.

(via Comic Book Resources, image via screencap)

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