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Benedict Cumberbatch Embraces His Inner Otter on Graham Norton

Surely all you Sherlock fans out there are aware of Otters That Look Like Benedict Cumberbatch. Well, we can now all thank the TV gods as Graham Norton (with a little help from Johnny Depp), helped Benedict Cumberbatch contribute to the ottery meme himself. Check out the shenanigans that ensued in the above video.

I don’t know what’s better – Cumberbatch gamely attempting all these otter faces to hilarious effect, Depp’s trying to maintain a certain level of cool even in the midst of all this ridiculousness, Depp’s seeming deep fear of large teddy bears, or Cumberbatch tackling said teddy bear with childish abandon.

In any case, we totally owe you, Graham Norton. For now, we have GIFs like this to cherish forever:

bear hug

As well as images like this:

benedict cumberbatch otter

(via The Daily Dot)

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