One Last Thing: The Five Best Ben Linus Animated GIFS

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LOST. Tonight. 9pm. ABC. Episode 5: “Lighthouse.” It’s a Jack episode. Be there. Catch up on what you’ve missed.

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In the meantime, we’ve stockpiled our five favorite animated GIFs of everyone’s favorite LOST sociopathic charmer, Ben Linus. We’re somewhat obsessed, both with animated GIFs and with Ben Linus, so non-Losties may want to skip this post. Alternatively: if you want to see a large man throw a Hot Pocket at another man, read on.

GIFs courtesy of Oh No They Didn’t superstar Adigallia unless otherwise indicated.

1. Hugo throws a Hot Pocket at Ben Linus

A surprised Hugo “Hurley” Reyes attempts to fend off the ever-creepy Linus with a Hot Pocket. He does not succeed.

2. Ben Linus fetches a ham. (via)
Ben Linus fetches a delicious ham from the oven. This does not make him any less sinister.

3. Ben Linus is terrified by Jacob (via Cultural Learnings)

In this late Season 3 episode, back when we quaintly had no idea how weird the Jacob plot was going to get, Ben Linus was scared of Jacob. Very scared.

4. Ben Linus in front of a red curtain (via Tinypic)

We’re just as confused as you are.

5. Ben Linus shoots Desmond Hume at close range, with a gun

Luckily (spoiler alert) groceries have the power to stop bullets, but Widmore-induced vendettas or none, that’s just cold.

Bonus: If you haven’t seen this fan-made trailer for Bendiana Jones, which takes Ben’s Season 4 desert adventures and transforms them into an epic swashbuckling saga, you really should.


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