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Things We Say Today: Google Doodle Pays Tribute to the Silent Parade, a Mass Protest Against Anti-Black Violence

Today's Google Doodle honor "one of the first mass protests of lynching and anti-black violence in the United States," the Silent Parade on it's 100th anniversary.

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Attention, LOST Fans: Full PaleyFest Videos are Up

More than a few LOSTies looked on jealously this past weekend as LOST's cast and creators addressed a sold-out audience at PaleyFest 2010, the Paley Center For Media's annual television festival. But fortunately, YouTube to the rescue: Nickelodeon lighting supervisor Patrick Krebs has posted full video of this past weekend's panel discussion. Warning: LOST spoilers ensue.

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One Last Thing: The Five Best Ben Linus Animated GIFS

LOST. Tonight. 9pm. ABC. Episode 5: "Lighthouse." It's a Jack episode. Be there. Catch up on what you've missed.

In the meantime, we've stockpiled our five favorite animated GIFs of everyone's favorite LOST sociopathic charmer, Ben Linus. We're somewhat obsessed, both with animated GIFs and with Ben Linus, so non-Losties may want to skip this post. Alternatively: if you want to see a large man throw a Hot Pocket at another man, read on.

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Jimmy Kimmel Interviews Michael Emerson: LOST’s Ben Linus

Last night, LOST fans had an embarrassment of riches to deal with: first, a new episode, "The Substitute," and later, a great Jimmy Kimmel Live! interview with Michael Emerson, a.k.a. LOST's charming, conflicted sociopath Ben Linus. Jimmy Kimmel seems like a bit of a LOST superfan himself: you may recall that two weeks ago, he cleverly spoofed the Season 6 premiere. (Though it's worth noting that both Jimmy Kimmel Live! and LOST fall under ABC's umbrella.) And his interview with Emerson/Linus bespoke more than the obligatory level of interviewer interest and preparation:

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