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Belated Media Asks: What Would Star Wars Episode II Look Like As a Good Movie?

So... when are you going to do Episode III?

Remember Belated Media’s amazing re-imagining of Star Wars: Episode 1 that went hugely viral last year? Well, after getting asked every minute of every day since then whether or not he’d be doing an Episode 2, Michael Barryte’s finally got something for us — complete with some really cool animations.

Warning, this might not make a whole lot of sense if you haven’t seen the first video that describes Michael’s rewrite of Episode 1. However, there’s a lot of great ideas between the two videos that make me really wish he actually had been a story executive at Fox when George Lucas slapped down the prequel scripts. Has anyone contacted Belated Media about the upcoming Disney Star Wars films? Because I bet his input would definitely benefit the series.

Here’s the original video below, if you’re curious:

(via Belated Media)

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