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May Drooling Commence: Beer Marshmallows

Oh, sweet, sweet heaven. Beer and marshmallows. Surely someone has thought of this before, but thought it might only appeal to stoners when (obviously) this is something that could benefit the entire human race. This is the kind of thing that could bring people together on religion, politics, cats versus dogs, anything you can think of. I’ll bet you’re wondering how you can find a way to put this in your mouth and eat it.

This delicious miracle is the product of Chicago chocolatier truffle truffle. From the site:

[A] thick and fluffy housemade beer marshmallow is dipped in milk chocolate and topped with our beer & pretzel brittle bits for a treat that settles the sweet v. salty and [crunchy] v. chewy debates. It’s all good!

Yeah, that’s right — there’s beer in that marshmallow. That marshmallow covered in chocolate and dusted with even more beer, plus pretzel. Good to know: Valentine’s Day is Monday, and these are available for purchase. By them for your bitter, lonely self or a loved one, because beer, chocolate, and marshmallow together is the best way to love yourself. (No, really: beer is totally good for you.)

(truffle truffle via Time via Neatorama)

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