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The Martian: Donald Glover’s Genius Plan to Save Mark Watney

♫ "And I'm nervous, truth be told, I never saw me growing old... on Mars... on Mars..." ♫

You ever wonder what Troy’s been up to since he left Greendale (and Community)? Sure, he sailed on a boat for a while (supposedly), but here’s what I think he’s been up to: he signed up for NASA and changed his name to Rich Purnell. Also he’s a super genius at physics and here in this new clip for The Martian, he’s demonstrating his prowess with perhaps the most unorthodox flight plan presentation ever to grace NASA’s hallowed grounds. But that flight plan might just be what saves Mark Watney from dying alone in the martian dust.

I wonder what Neil deGrasse Tyson would think of his plan, though.

Seriously though, it looks like Donald Glover is getting his acting game back up off the shelf after his foray into the rap game as Childish Gambino. His inclusion in this movie as quirky astrophysicist Rich Purnell is an exciting one. Also featured in this clip is Sean Bean who, because of his being located on Earth, probably won’t die at the end of this movie. Probably.

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(via Comic Book Resources)

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