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“Beautiful Ted” Is Maybe the Worst Ted Cruz Meme Yet

Our the Beautiful Zodiac Killer ...

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Ted Cruz memes are all the rage on Twitter, but this is one we’d rather not be a thing. The president loves to call people names, and it seems as if Ted went from the “Lyin’ Ted” that he was earlier this year, when he said something the president didn’t like, to “Beautiful Ted.”

Because the president doesn’t want Beto O’Rourke to beat Cruz in Texas’ U.S. Senate election next month, he has been openly campaigning for his former presidential opponent. Most likely because Trump just wants to cut out any Democrat that stands a chance, he’s suddenly very pro-Ted Cruz, and when asked to explain why he was suddenly such a fan of Cruz, the president said that he was now “Beautiful Ted.”

So obviously, the internet had a field day with it, and as much as I hate applying complimentary words to Ted Cruz in any capacity, the memes are kind of funny.

It all started on the front lawn of the White House.

First, there is the trend of Ted’s future names.

Then there are the normal jokes.

Then, the memes took a turn for the worse.

Don’t worry though, Bradley Cooper just wanted to get another look at Beautiful Ted.

From Lyin’ to Beautiful, Ted Cruz is continually on the president’s mind.

It continued to get worse when everyone started to put Ted Cruz into pictures where someone was calling him beautiful.

And then the memes collided.

The only one that I accept is this one, because Ted Danson should be EVERYONE’s Beautiful Ted.

But it ‘s fine because everyone dropped the Ted Cruz jokes to, instead, tweet about their favorite Teds, and that’s what we need in 2018.

Some memes are meant to bring joy to the world, and others just want to watch it burn. This is a mix of both. Throw in more Ted Danson, and I’m here for this, but please, for the love of all that is holy, please stop making memes where we compliment Ted Cruz. Let’s go back to him being the Zodiac Killer.

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