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Everything Is the Golden Girls and Nothing Hurts

image: Disney/ABC Estelle Getty, Bea Arthur, Rue McClanahan, Betty White "The Golden Girls" Sophia, Dorothy, Blanche, Rose

Ever wake up in the morning and see Bea Arthur trending and ask yourself what is going on? Well, that’s what happened today when we all saw her name, assumed it was her birthday or the anniversary of her death, only to find out that people were just appreciating the woman who brought Dorothy Zbornak to life for no reason at all. Honestly, we should start celebrating Bea Arthur every day. Today is Bea Arthur Day! Tomorrow is also Bea Arthur Day!

It started when famed model, Twitter legend, and wife of John Legend, Chrissy Teigen, shared her love of the name Bea. The power of Chrissy Teigen knows no bounds and her simply mentioning the name Bea sent Twitter into a spiral about how much we all love Bea Arthur.

Everyone began to share their eternal love of Bea Arthur with her name trending, because Arthur is still one of our favorite women to exist, and Dorothy, bless her, had to put up with a lot on The Golden Girls.

This Bea Arthur appreciation comes hot on the trail of the announcement—that quickly went viral—that there is going to be a Golden Girls-inspired cruise for fans. Which, why wasn’t this a thing beforehand? A cruise where ladies and gents come together to celebrate their friends and get to relax for a week while celebrating the magic of Dorothy, Blanche, Rose, and most of all Sophia? Please and thank you! The Golden Girls, never unpopular, have become even more legendary in the online age, with nostalgia for the four women leading to everything from board games to cross-stitched pillows on Etsy to a show on Broadway.

So, what does this talk of Bea Arthur mean? It’s one of the purer spontaneous Internet outbursts I can recall to load Twitter and find everyone appreciating Arthur and all she did and the joy her work continues to bring us. Whether it be through reruns of Golden Girls, her role in the Star Wars Christmas special (we will never forget), or her work with the LGBTQ youths, Arthur is one of the good ones and we love her. We need more Twitter energy like this in 2019.

Share your favorite Dorothyism or any Bea Arthur story you love in the comments! We love to hear everything about Bea Arthur.

(image: Disney/ABC)

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