Be Soothed By Mandy Patinkin Singing Dinner Prayers to His Dog

We have been blessed this day.
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Beloved actor and Twitter’s favorite dad Mandy Patinkin has (thanks to his son) given us another delightful peak into their lives. This time we learn that Patinkin has a specific ritual with his dog that he wants to maintain while he is away on his trip: singing prayers before her meal. Yes that’s right. Mandy Patinkin sings to his dog! And not only that, as the video shows, he has his son record his song so that his son can play it for his dog while he is away. It’s extremely precious and also extremely relatable. What pet owner doesn’t sing to their furry companions? I might in fact be singing to my cat and my dog right now. If you’re a pet owner and you don’t sing to your animal… well choo choo it’s time to get on board the Patinkin train!

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But first, please watch the video below and feel the good vibes wash over you.

To celebrate this bountiful day, let’s visit some of Patinkin’s other videos from the past two weeks! Here we have Patinkin attempting to do a free associative rapid fire game and managing to be delightful even as he struggles.

And of course this emotional video about losing family members to cancer that he shares with a fan on TikTok. Do not watch unless you are prepared to cry.

Twitter may be a cesspool most of the time, but Patinkin and his family’s account are the bright spots. A sweet, soothing balm for the terrors of the world. After all nothing is more wholesome than a man not only singing to his dog but making sure she hears his voice even while he’s away. This is the content we crave and we are thankful to get it.

(via, image: Mandy Patinkin/Twitter)

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