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Check Out the Battlefield 4 Naval Strike Trailer

Boats, and guns, and maps, and boats, and explosions, and boats!


Have you been playing Battlefield 4 and wishing there were more maps and battleships and hovercrafts and junk? Well soon there will be. The Naval Strike expansion is coming on March 25th, and you can watch a trailer for it now and read what our official Battlefield 4 correspondent thinks.

The expansion will introduce four new maps titled Lost Islands, Wave Breaker, Nansha Strike, and Operation Mortar each with their own layout and challenges. Besides the maps, players will also get new weapons, gadgets, and even the hovercraft vehicle seen in the trailer. If you were a fan of Battlefield 2142’s Titan mode you might be happy to hear about Carrier Assault mode, which is similar.

Since I’ve never played Battlefield I’ll turn things over to my friend comedian and avid Battlefielder Jason Brown (gamertag Jayzion_) who has some opinions:

As a level 115 brigadier general… I had expected the new maps to focus solely on watercraft and sea-based warfare almost a “boat superiority” game mode. The trailer shows us there is so much more. You can see choppers, Jets, sniper vantage points, and the inside of the carrier appears to cater to those looking for close quarters hand to hand combat. This is more than capture the flag with boats this is all out Island warfare.

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