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Holy Sue, Batman! TMS Plays ​Batman: The Telltale Series​ Episode 1.2

Welcome to the second episode of our brand-new Let’s Play series through Batman: The Telltale Series! If you missed the very first episode last Wednesday, circle back and check it out, or subscribe to our YouTube channel to ensure you never miss an installment.

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Last we saw Bruce Wayne, he was back at his manor, nursing some wounds after a lengthy run-in with Catwoman, who was trying to steal a mysterious disk from a vault inside Gotham City Hall. Alfred reminds Bruce that he needs to go host a party, which has apparently already started over in the next room, so Bruce gets his suit on and goes to make nice with his upper-crust peers.

Turns out it’s not just any party, it’s a campaign party for Harvey Dent, who’s in the midst of running for mayor of Gotham. Meanwhile, Bruce has the choice for how snarky he wants to be while attending this party. So far, the vibe of this game reminds me of a combination of Batman: The Animated Series (that’s a compliment) and Nolan’s Batman (still a compliment, but those two interpretations of Batman don’t mix, so the results are very odd). Is the Bruce Wayne alter-ego supposed to be a jerky playboy in this game, like he is in Nolan’s Batman trilogy? Or is he supposed to just be an affable, mild-mannered guy who doesn’t grab much attention? It seems like he’s splitting the difference and just acting really disaffected and sad all the time. It’s an odd choice.

After Harvey finishes up his speech, Harvey and Bruce have a conversation off to the side of the room. Harvey sounds really nervous about the campaign and seems desperate for Bruce’s help when it comes to socializing with the attendees. This version of Harvey is apparently … not comfortable with running big campaign events? Again, odd character choice.

Bruce helps him come up with a campaign slogan; two out of three of the suggestions are puns about Harvey’s soon-to-be-villainous persona. Our Let’s Player Sam Riedel chose “Put a Dent in crime,” which sounds more like “Get Harvey Dent into doing crimes” than the opposite … I’m sure that’s intentional foreshadowing.

Before Bruce starts making his way around the room, he spots a guy in the corner of the party drinking liquor straight out of a bottle. Hmm.

Bruce introduces Harvey to an older man and woman in attendance; their names are Robert and Regina Zellerbach, and apparently Regina’s the “chairwoman of Wayne Enterprises,” but the scene is set up so it doesn’t even seem like Bruce knows her that well.

By the way, Bruce is animated so that he has very cold, distant eyes, and it definitely makes him seem unapproachable, rather than friendly or carefree. He’s certainly a far cry from Adam West, I’ll say that much. But, he’s not alone in looking so miserable. Everyone else in this game also seems to have their brows knit with anxiety and/or anger as well. (In Sam’s words: “They all look so evil!”)

Harvey mentions that he plans to overhaul Arkham Asylum once he’s mayor, and Regina takes that opportunity to bring up the guy who killed Bruce’s parents. It’s super awkward, especially when she calls the killer “deranged” and suggest that if he got “the right treatment,” then maybe he wouldn’t have been mugging rich people in an alley. This exchange would come across as weird to me even if I didn’t already know from canon that the guy who killed Batman’s parents isn’t “crazy,” he was a hired hitman. Also, being “crazy” isn’t what leads to armed robberies. On the other hand, Batman‘s depiction of “crazy” villains has never really matched up with reality … still, Regina comes across as very awkward in this scene, and I question whether we are supposed to like her or trust her.

Next up we see Vicki Vale, renowned reporter, in a lovely gown and pearls. She just wants to ask a few questions … of Bruce, not Harvey. Bruce agrees to talk to her, off the record. Both Harvey and Bruce hit on her in this scene, by the way. She seems more interested in Bruce, which checks out, given that they sometimes date in Batman storylines. She’s not a redhead, for some reason, but maybe that’s just the lighting.

Then, another introduction to yet another well-known DC character, Carmine Falcone. He’s attending this event as well, to Bruce’s surprise and chagrin. Falcone demands to have a private meeting with Bruce Wayne in a room with some pool tables. Harvey wants to come too, but Falcone tells him to wait outside, saying that there will be “plenty of skirts” to keep Harvey’s attention out there. (I guess Gilda Dent doesn’t exist in this universe? Again, odd characterization choice–Harvey’s not exactly known for being a womanizer in prior iterations.)

Once Falcone has Bruce alone in the pool room, he starts making oblique threats. He basically says he can rig the election in Harvey’s favor if he wants to, or he can ensure that Harvey loses. Now, it’s up to Bruce to decide whether he’s willing to work with Falcone, or go against him.

Bruce says no to Falcone, who gets angry in response, because of course he does. Alfred shows up and retrieves Bruce Wayne from the awkward situation. According to Alfred, Bruce’s guests are already leaving, because this was the shortest campaign party ever. You’d think they’d stick around and nurse as many free drinks and snacks as they could out of this.

Anyway, this week’s episode ends with that threat from Falcone. We all know Harvey Dent isn’t going to shape up to be a good mayor of Gotham anyway, though. I mean … spoilers for Batman, I guess? See ya next week!

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