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Millennials Killed Bruce Wayne so Terry McGinnis Could Live


The new Batman in Batman Beyond.

The rumor mill is churning again, and it concerns one of my favorite hopes: an animated Batman Beyond movie. My generation is determined to will a Batman Beyond movie into existence, and we shall be heard.

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In their morning report, i09 shared a rumor that was originally circulated on Geeks World Wide, where they did some nerd investigation after seeing the concept art of a Batman animated movie:

“After concept art of an unknown animated Batman movie was posted on r/DCEULeaks, The GWW did some digging and learned that the Warner Animation Group is working on an animated Batman Beyond movie that will be receiving a theatrical release.

“Sources tell us that this is DC’s response to Sony’s incredibly successful animated movie ‘Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse’. They’re currently targeting a 2022 release but that is not set in stone. A cast and crew have not been announced. SuperBroMovies writer Daniel Ritchman also showed us a slate of when WAG movies will go into production, with a DC one in 2020. It’s likely that this is the 2020 project.”

I know that it isn’t smart to get our hopes up until things are officially announced, but I am on my knees praying that this is true, and that if it isn’t, at least Warner Bros. will see that there is a hunger for Bat-flicks that go beyond Bruce Wayne and the traditional image of Batman we have had thus far.

With it being announced that Ben Affleck is gone and the standalone The Batman movie is going to be more noir and less DO YOU BLEED, there is an opportunity for Warner Bros. to make money off of its most profitable character (besides Aquaman) and lean into what has always been DC’s strongest suit: animated content. Also, if it’s animated, Will Friedle or bust.

Either way, since the Batman property is going to be milked to the utmost extent, it can do the bare minimum and give us some quality extended Bat-family universe. We deserve to have a good Dick Grayson movie and really get into the history of all the Robins by now. The upcoming Batgirl movie will be the first step in the right direction, but I hope that the success of Aquaman, in all its ridiculous glory, will allow Warner Bros. to let Batman be more ridiculous and fun. Switching up the man behind the cowl, not just the actor, is the right first step.

Are you excited for the idea of a big budget animated Batman Beyond movie? Or are you holding out for live action?

(via i09, image: Warner Bros.)

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